Friday, August 04, 2006

Random with a capital R

Oh yeah, it's been awhile since a random post!!!

~ Okay, so tonight's my big debut as a wedding planner at our first wedding at the new church building. When I mean wedding planner, I mean that the minister is out of town and I am conducting the entire rehearsal. (He'll be back before the wedding tomorrow) I'll be telling peeps where to stand, stepping in as the minister and HOLDING THE MICROPHONE. So Cool! I even get to practice their vows with them. I have supa detailed notes from our meeting last week so I'm hoping it runs very smoothly. (cross your fingers for me) By golly Katy wants her wedding party to start down the isle when the couple before them is 2/3rd the way down the isle, by golly wedding-natzi-Darcy is gunna make that happen!! I am even bringing masking tape so I can mark on the stage floor where the wedding party is to stand. Gosh, am I out of control?

~ This year 8 out of 13 gymnasts need new floor routines. Yeah, um, complete stress. Not only do 8 indecisive girls have to choose their floor music, but 3 very busy coaches have to choreograph 8 floor routines to fit the girls' music, dance, tumble level and personality!! It's super fun but stressful so we decided to get a head start before the season. So I ordered 2 CD's packed with almost 100 floor music songs from e-bay.
at some of them. There are some really cute songs and then there are some that make me want to puke. Seriously, #19 on Disc #2 gets the veto, ladies. It's the song TEQUILA. Um, I can imagine the entire crowd shouting "TEQUILA" during the routine. No spanks. One song's name is "Classical Gas"... um, some of my girls have classical gas EVERY DAY!! Very fitting. And then there's a song called "flute battle" on disc #3.. um, it sounds like 2 very angry flutes killing each other. Again, coach veto power is in effect.

~ CAFFINE UPDATE: I haven't updated you lately!! You all prolly thought I was drinking it again, eh? NOPE!! Still caffine free. =) Whoo-hoo!!

~ You guys.. it's a sad day. Bailey the fat cat is loosing weight. He's so cute chubby! No one wants a skinny cat. =/ Yep, he's not eating as much because it's so hot. (So I think.. maybe he has been reading my blog and is starting to get his feelings hurt that I refer to him as Bailey the fat cat? Hmmm...) So I may have to come up with a different name for him. Or maybe I should have shaved him again.. this time with my consent. For all of those who didn't read my blog in January when Bailey told his story, please refer to this post and laugh at my cat. This picture is just a teaser of the story.

~ Speaking of one of the culprits of the shaving incident, it's time to have lunch with Dina!!! She'll be happy that this picture of Bailey resurfaced to today's blog. =/

Have a great weekend!


christy said...

Raegan got a good little giggle out of the pic of Bailey ... thanks for the chuckles!

Have a great weekend and have fun with the wedding! If you remember, tell Katy and Dave congrats for me!

Love ya,

Lisa Dickinson said...

Hey have a good time tonight! I have a feeling it's going run like a well-oiled machine! :) And I just read the post about you becoming an auntie again - congrats!! We've got 2 babies due in our families around the holidays - so much fun!!

xo lisa

sarah said...

oh my gosh...
totally dying over hear reading that story!
and that poor, poor cat!
thanks for the laugh! :)

hey, the wedding planner was on TV last night...
you should totally get a headset! :)

Niki L said...

That picture of Bailey's fat belly is so funny! (Don't tell him I said so ;)

Good luck at the wedding tonight. I did it so I'm POSITIVE you can do it, you're a million times smarter than I am!! Plus, ppl are happy to be getting married (obviously) so they're in a pretty good mood ;)

{ brooke } said...

good luck tonite, sweets.
though i'm sure it'll be great.

bailey the fat cat.
cracks me UP!

love the random post, darcy.


Michelle W. said...

awww... what a cutie pie! Love the randomness...

amber said...

Best wishes on being the wedding planner tonight! I'm sure it will be great! Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth said...

the wedding planner thing sounds like fun!! we had tape too. it totally helps when the nerves hit.. and everyone wants to sprint down the aisle!!. We had a wedding natzi.. it was so awesome to tell someone a head of time what to do.. and then have them just spit it back on THE day!!
makes for less stress for sure.
the choreographing stuff sound like a hoot. I have seen routines done to Tequila..that really would be fun and spunky..(maybe not for hs kids though)
I am sure you'll find the perfect fit!
and WHY again.. are you NOT drinking caffine??? great will power girl =)

Kat said...

i bet you'll be the best darn wedding planner ever! fun stuff!
yeah, tequilla and gym routines? doesn't seem like a good mesh to me either.......
love your random posts!!!

rev said...

okay, it would be sooo cool if you could be my planner on my wedding (if i would merry haha).... i would laugh my pants (aaa dress) of the whole day. can that be arranged miss control freak?

island girl said...

hehehehe....your shaved cat just makes me laugh! and the story is even better!!

and wedding nazi!! too funny! i'm sure you were the perfect wedding planner this weekend!