Monday, August 07, 2006

The wedding...

Went well!!! It was stressful at times, but all in all, it went well. =) Friday night's wedding rehearsal was 50 minutes flat, people. =) That even included the praise band singing their 2 songs for practice. I opened the night with telling them "you've met your worst nightmare.. I will be your wedding natzi" joke. =) They thought I was kidding until I pulled out the masking tape. The groomsmen seemed rather annoyed but hey, they looked very nice and orderly up on that stage!!

Of course there were some unexpected events that happened throughout the actual wedding on Saturday. There were 6 sets of grandparents that needed to be ushered in. Of course I was missing one set when it was time to roll. The show must go on.. so I sent them all down the isle. Then it came time for the groom to usher his mama down the isle... oh yeah, you guessed it. The other grandparents walk in the door. AND THE GRANDPA RUNS TO THE BATHROOM. Luckily our minister was talking so it bought us some time for the g-pa to get out of the potty. Had them ushered in to before the groom (to the wrong song..) and then Dave and his mama high tailed down the isle. Whew. Hope no one noticed =/. Then during the 2 praise songs, the rather "high energy" ring bearer was climbing on the chairs and kicked the pretty 5 foot candle lantern thingies that lined the middle isle. The g-pa sitting closest to the lantern had to hold the thing through the entire service cuz it wouldn't stand on it's own anymore. =/ The ring-bearer got in trouble and the mother of the groom took him out of the service. I convinced her to leave him in the nursery with the nursery workers that were there and she was so hesitant. Um, your son is getting married.. pretty sure he wants you to watch. So she finally left him and then he proceeded to SCREAM BLOODY MURDER FOR THE NEXT 10 minutes. In the nursery. With the door shut. But it was so loud that the people in the back row in the wedding were turning around cuz they could still hear him. Shut the doors to the worship center but man, that kid had some lungs! =/

So our head minister Mike asked me how I liked my position of WP.. told him it was fun and I enjoyed it. He then raises his hands up shouting, "My prayers have been answered!" Haha, Mike.. we'll see. =)

Katy was a girl after my own heart...
Oh yeah, pink punch AND pink cake!! Only wished I would have thought of the pink cake for my own wedding. =)


Gorgeous, gorgeous flowers!!! The color pink totally threw up at her wedding too.

D and I always take a picture at each wedding we go to. Here's the pic at Katy and Dave's wedding!

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Who else agrees that my hair is OUT OF CONTROL!?!? Soon.. very soon and the scissors will be CHOPPING!

Um, the house madness has begun!! Yesterday Darin and I went to 4 home improvement stores shopping for the new house. =) Menards, Home Depot and 2, count them, 2 Lowe's stores. Labor Day weekend is when we get possession of our new (needing massive love) home. We can't wait. Yesterday our phrase of the day was,

"That makes me want to throw up a little bit in my mouth."

Yes, we found some good stuff (decided on our kitchen/dinning room flooring!) but some of that stuff? Barf bags.. who would #1 put that stuff in their house and #2 PAY MONEY to put that stuff in their house??? Anywho, every waking/free moment will be spent at the new house remodeling trying to make it liveable by the end of October. I'm pretty sure my blog will become house update central so I hope you all are okay with that. =/ FUN stuff!


Hailey said...

i'm so glad to hear the wedding went well! and very impressed too, running a wedding would be crazy for me! love the pink cake and flowers :)

sarah said...

yay! :)
sounds like you did a great job at the wedding!

amber said...

Glad that the wedding went well for you. Loving all of that pink-especially those flowers-gorgeous!

jes said...

so jealous that i didnt get to go to that wedding. I hate work, it always gets in the way of my social committments.
oh well- i am sure that you did a wonderful job. Heck if i ever take the plunge...I would want you on my side! nice job with the kiddo, I know your pain
ok, talk to you soon

Hanni said...

chop chop?
girl the only reason i am refraining from cutting mine is cause you said you were growing yours OUT.
do you have 10 inches?

RACHEL =) said...

Sounds like the wedding went well, w/exception of the crying kid!! The gpa thing had me laughing, though!! =)
Getting your hair CUT?! Really? I think it's beeeautiful, dawling!!! =)

Jill said...

wow!! sounds like you'd be great at being the wedding planner =) it'd make a good part-time gig if you were to stay home too!! your phrase from yesterday is making me chuckle :)

Kat said...

yay for wedding planner nazi darcy!!! love all the pink, and that cake looks gooooood :)
can't wait to see new house pictures, fun stuff!

Mara said...

ooh new home stuff, can't wait to see!
and WP?! That's so fun!
Happy Monday :)

Elizabeth said...

look at that pink... that job was very fitting for you.. glad it went well, and no one decked you or anything.. plus you got pink cake =)
good luck with the home stuff... its so exciting to watch a hOUSe become a home.. can't wait to see updates

rev said...

WP sounds like fun to me!! You can be mine (only...we are telling eachother for 5 years now that we seriously neeeed to get married :). And love the home improvement story. Can't wait to see some pic's of Darcy with some cool paint working like a maniac ;)
O, and for the hair: KEEP IT!! you're so beautiful!!

Dina said...

Glad to hear the wedding went well (for the most part). I laughed at the pic of you and Darin - I think he has worn that shirt to every wedding but his! It's a good shirt so kudos to him. Keep me posted on the house too! Love ya,

christy said...

So glad the wedding went well! You'll have to show me more pics from the wedding next time I see you! I couldn't believe the mother of the groom was so hesitant to leave the little guy in the nursery and risk missing her own son's wedding. I would understand the hesitancy a little more if it was just a random church building the couple was using and neither of them attended the church but Katy's been going there practically her entire life and Dave's been attending a long time too. At least she ended up letting him stay ... too bad he had to cry so loud for so long. :-( Poor little guy.