Friday, September 08, 2006

Ran (to the) dom

**Guys, I need a Pea title. I've reached 5,000 posts!!! Something clever.. different. Me. =) Suggestions would be appreciated. =)

**Last night I took a break from painting at the house and went to my youth group girl's games.. a volleyball game and a soccer game. Finished up watching the volleyball game and then moved to the soccer field. Okay, I will be careful not to offend anyone here. Just please, please help me understand. This was my second soccer game I have attended. Ever.

I don't get soccer.

First of all, I'm pretty sure that if I would have played soccer, I would have punched someone. There is a fine line of personal space.. even in sports.. that one must not cross. No contact sports for this blondie... so glad that they don't give you a joust to knock someone off a balance beam in gymnastics cuz that would have been plain dangerous. Anywho, those soccer girls were BRUTAL. And angry. I seriously think they need to pad up like a football player. Complete with mouth guard... cuz I just know that someone's gunna loose a tooth.

Both teams were undefeated on top of having a huge rivalry. When I got there, it was tied 2 to 2. A few minutes passed and my youth girl Alli kicked one in and scored!! Whoo-hooo!!! So I thought.. and they didn't count it. Because of uneven sides or something was offset?

WHAT in the heck?

Fair and square she kicked the soccer into the other teams net. And no, they didn't count it. Poor Alli had just ran her guts out and beat the other team to the end of the field and her kick didn't count. What a load of pooh!!!

And get this.. they ran constantly for two hours, got kicked in the shins, kicked others in the chins, bounced a HARD ball off their heads and boobies, threw people to the ground, some girl injured her already broken nose... do you think they won? Oh no. They tied. No one won. WHAT? Please, please help me understand why they don't have overtime or have a kick off to declare a winner. =/ I will keep going to soccer games until I understand. Promise.

**Darin's preaching on Sunday!! So excited. He's tackling the ever so fun topic of Evolution vs. Creation. His sermon will be available to listen to on our church's website probably sometime early next week. =) So check it out if you want to hear a great sermon.

**House, house and more house this weekend. =) I'll take pictures of progress.. don't you worry!

**I'm not sure how I lived 25 years of my life with out my 2Peas friends. Seriously. 32 emails with Kayla Aimee on Wednesday... running my bio for Serendipity past Erin and her honestly telling me that one part sounded like a personal add... reading a book series and daily emails with my girl Jill.. Mara's gmail chatts.. Rachel's encouragement up and down.. dates with Hanni... LOVE the relationships that have been made from this crazy hobby. Just wanted to get sentimental and tell you guys that I love you so much!!!


rev said...

Darcy, you once mentioned something about JaLo and than DaH** maybe that's a good name on 2peas,HAHAHA LOL. :) Better don't :) And Soccer is the most popular game in the Netherlands and Europe (we don't know any football here....but we call 'soccer' 'voetbal' so maybe that's why :). And i still don't understand everything but hey i'm not playing it. I'm only watching and having A LOT of comments on the guys :0

erika said...

it's ok miss darcy....offsides is really hard to understand if you haven't played.... ;)
keep watching...
go watch beckham play...that will help foster your love of the game!

Jill said...

aww, you are so sweet, Darce =) and i do not get how players are OK with tying?? i don't get it either!! i'll have to think on some pea titles!

Rita said...

you crack me up really do. Oh, and I'm so with ya on the peafriendthing. How did we manage? ha! Love getting to know you better and so happy to have metcha at the peapod. ((group hug))

Mara said...

Awwwwww.... love YOU too.
Love our gchats... For realisies.
I don't get soccer either, which is sad since I played Water Polo and it's pretty much the same thing, in the water. Hmm... come to think of it, maybe that's why I was never good - I didn't get it?! :)
Enjoy your weekend, D.

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gabbyfek said...

i'm w/ e.
played for years... i'd try to explain, but it doesn't make much sense if i can't show you.
maybe someday.
and yeah...
we're pretty dang brutal.
you make me giggle, sweets.
and i love that about you.

Half Pint said...

So funny! As I've mentioned, I've been seriously immersed in the world of soccer over the past year. In fact, the only reason I'm not at Tim's TWO soccer games tonight (over 30 men's...yikes!) is because I am working on a case study and six page paper...this is my break : ). I STILL miss off sides calls and am constantly asking everyone else what happened whenever the whistle blows. Must be love : )

Jeff's Page said...

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Kat said...

yeah, soccer confuses me and i played it for years!
love teh random posts
yay for reaching 5000! you'll think of something fantabulous, i know!
glad you've made such great friends on 2peas. its the best, isn't it?

island girl said...

hehehe...can't help you on the soccer thing...i haven't played a team sport since 8th grade!!

Glad to hear there's progress on the house!!

JenSmack said...

I don't understand soccer... but I don't understand most sports... not really an athletic kind o' girl. (I was in band)

LOVE your new haircut - you're a cutie-pie no matter what! :)

So excited to get to know you better on Serendipity! We are going to have SO MUCH FUN! Yayyy!

Congrats on your house-sell-buy! That's awesome!

Michael and Erin said...

What can I say? I thought you were picking me up? HAHAHAHAHA!

Sarah said...

Just listened to your hubby's sermon! He did GREAT!! MY hubster is getting ready to tackle the same thing in a series of classes- so that was a fun little co*inky*dink! And as for soccer- I'm right there with ya!!! Don't get it all but I like to watch!