Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My dad and Grandpa

Wow. The last few days have been strange ones.

- So my dad is now gall bladder-less. Monday he was in excruciating pain so the dr. made him to go the hospital. Yesterday they decided that he didn't need his gall bladder. My sister is in Tennessee, my brother is flying and is in Washington DC and my step mom is in North Carolina. Yep, that leaves Natalie and I to take care of the ol' pops. The surgeon briefs us and tells us that the surgery usually takes 30 - 45 minutes. After sitting in the waiting room for over 2 hours, we were getting a little bit worried. The surgeon finally comes to chat with us and tells us that my dad's gall bladder had started to gangrene!! That little bugger had pain for quite some time and didn't tell us... so his organ was sitting in there rotting. =/ He's doing okay now.. just has to stay in the hospital for a little while longer because they are afraid of infection. My dad is funny even during pain, though.. gotta share some hospital stories..

- The nurse came in to take him down to surgery. To make sure that they had the right guy, they asked him what his name was and his birthdate. He tells them. Then the next question is,

"Denny, do you know what kind of surgery you are having?"

My dad then answers, "Yeah, a hysterectomy, right?"

So I guess the morphine didn't effect his wittiness.

- Then his friend came to visit him. Wanted to play a joke on him because my dad is tough and usually the jokester. Dad was sleeping and his friend Bruce came in with a wash rag he got from the nurse and said,

"I'm here for your sponge bath.. where would you like me to start?"

Dad then replies,

"Well, I ususally start with my butt and move to my face."

Out of a dead sleep and on morphine, my dad can still make us laugh. Gotta love that!

- Okay, and you know how you see those Dateline's where people steal wallets and money from people in nursing homes and hospitals? So I think of these Dateline's I've seen... and grab my dad's wallet when we went down to surgery. Can't have people stealing from the peeps laid up! So after surgery, Natalie (whom is also pregnant) and I are starving. We go to the cafeteria to get some eats and yeah, I have no money. So I had to take money out of my dad's wallet!!! I STOLE!!! I can see the next Dateline..

"Don't worry about nurses and cleaning staff stealing your loved one's belongings at hospitals. worry about your CHILDREN stealing your money."

Dad, I owe you $2.

- So back up Monday night when dad was getting admitted to the hospital. We walk out of the little room and I see my cousin waiving at me down the hallway. So my 87 year old grandpa locked himself out of his house and decided to climb up a ladder and went head first through his garage window. =( He was in ICU yesterday so I got to talk to him. I was able to tell him that Darin and I were pregnant and he even commented that he was going to have another great grandbaby. =( A few hours later he died. I'm so happy that I was able to see him when he was coherent and that I got to say goodbye. He's now talking my mom's ear off in heaven. =)

His funeral is on Monday.. the good part about that is that my sister is flying in. I haven't seen her since June so I'm really happy about that.

So yeah, kinda a strange bunch of few days we've had here but it's okay.


sarah said...

oh sweetie.
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa.
love that you said he was talking your mom's ear off in heaven.
that made me smile.

glad your dad is doing okay...
what a troublemaker he is!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your dad is keeping his spirits high...sorry to hear about your grandpa though. my thoughts are with your family.

Lisa Dickinson said...

Oh, Darce I am so sorry about your sweet Grandpa! So glad you were able to see him and tell him about Baby H. I'm thinking of you, your dad, and your family! Hang in there, OK? xo lisa

amber said...

Aww, sorry to hear about your grandpa. Glad your dad is doing good. He sounds a lot like my dad.

Jill said...

sorry about your grandpa, but that's so sweet you got to tell him your news before he passed. love the funny stories about your Dad's sense of humor :) and that you stole 2 bucks from him!! take care =)

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry to hear this Darcy. You know I'll be praying for you and your entire family.

Kat said...

wow, a strange couple of days for sure! so sorry about your grandpa, thats so sad. but i'm glad you got to help him about your baby on the way! i'm sure that meant a lot to him......
your dad sounds like too much fun!!!

Kat said...

wow, a strange couple of days for sure! so sorry about your grandpa, thats so sad. but i'm glad you got to help him about your baby on the way! i'm sure that meant a lot to him......
your dad sounds like too much fun!!!

Half Pint said...

I'm so sorry about your grandfather. And your dad...although without your dad's gallbladder adventure you wouldn't have been able to see your grandfather one last time and give him the joyful news of baby Holsopple : )

Felicia said...

Ahh sweetie, so sorry to hear about your grandpa. Glad to hear your dad is doing good though. Your in my prayers.

rev said...

first of all my condoleances on your grandpa. and your did being so sick.... you've got some tough times. but you have a funny funny dad (i wonder where you got it from.....). he sure is some crazy funny guy, even with all that pain and morfine he can react the way he did. wow, you must be so proud and happy to have him girl! and wait and see, your baby will be as funny as you are :)

monica said...

I love the way you tell stories, I totally got what you were saying about those dateline shows, too funny.

I'm really glad your dad is doing well now, how scary about his gall bladder.

And I'm terribly sorry about your grandpa, what a horrible accident.

Kirsten said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandpa. Glad you got to see him one last time though.

Elizabeth said...

so sorry to hear bout your gpa!
wow what a last couple days.
i love what drugs can do to people. helps to make situations easier on the family, and the patients' end up feeling pretty good too. gotta love morph!
sounds like your dad is a trooper.

RACHEL =) said...

Darcy, I am SO sorry to hear about your grandpa, but that is so sweet and special that you were able to share with him about your pregnancy!!!
And I'm sorry to hear that your dad had to have surgery, but I'm glad he is doing well and was able to keep his sense of humor! He sounds like such a great dad!!!
Love and hugs, sweetie!!! =)

Anonymous said...

so glad that your dad is ok.
so so sorry about your grandfather. what a blessing that you got to see and talk to him in the hospital.
big hugs and lots of love to you.

Miss Milissa said...

Oh Darcy.. I am so sorry.. It made me smile to hear that he is with your Mom... they are probably talking with my Ninnie too... My prayers are with your family.