Thursday, July 26, 2007

Man of many (diverse) talents

Okay, so remember how Darin is super skilled at killing flies? Read about it in THIS post if you didn't catch it the first time.

He's even more talented than we thought. Oh yes, let's start at the beginning of the story.

Monday afternoon I was nursing Adie on the couch and a MOUSE ran across the room. Yep, screamed out for Darin whom was outside. He came in and asked me what he'd like for me to do about the mouse. CATCH HIM, duh? So Darin humors me by getting a broom and starts banging it on the couch and such to get the mouse to run so he can broom it to death. No luck.

That evening we see Mr. Mouse run across the kitchen floor. I scream again, and jump up onto the counter where I stayed for a good 15 minutes until I believe it was clear. Again Darin humors me by banging around the broom as if he was going to catch it. (I think he's really getting annoyed at this point. Um.. we have MOUSE and an almost 3 month old that lays on the ground where this mouse was running. GROSS!!!)

We then set two traps with yummo peanut butter to lure him in. Yeah, he managed to eat the peanut butter without getting snapped. Grrr.. we have a smart peanut butter loving mouse on our hands. No good.

So yesterday Darin was walking over to his dad's woodworking shop and he feels something strange in his shoe. He gets to the shop and takes off his shoe, shakes it and turns it upside down. You got it.. out drops the now dead Mr. Mouse.

Darin killed the mouse in his shoe.

Not only can my Darin kill flies in his armpit, he can now kill mice in his shoes.

Just so you know, I will be wearing flip flops for the rest of my life. I'm really not looking forward to wearing flip flops for the rest of my life because it gets really cold in Indiana during the winter. I am not risking becoming a member of Darin's "kill mice in my shoes" club. No suree!

I can't not put up a picture of my Adie in an entire blog post!! So without further ado.. here is my most adorable, SMILING Adelyn!! (She's been smiling for awhile but these are the best pictures I have gotten of the cheesy chubby grin.)

Adie loves her mouse shoe killing daddy!!!


Half Pint said...

Eek! So, the mouse was IN the shoe? With his foot? Oh, I have the heebie jeebies!!

Milissa said...

OMg.. no way... grossing me out ... ewwwww.... it's one thing to have a bug ..but a mouse? how could he not feel it? LOLOL...

now on to Addie... OMG... is she not adorable and squeezable... those cheeks!!!!

Jill said...

ewwwww, i'm grossed out too :P i'm with ya on not wearing shoes that can easily hide mice! hey, at least it's dead though!!

LOVE Adie's little chubby cheeky smile :) sooooo cute!

Alison said...

How funny is that! That's one thing I do not miss about Indiana- the field mice. Now I have to deal with least I can smoosh them with my shoe before the get inside. :)

Love Addie's smile- so big and sweet!

BethPie said...

This is why I live in Florida. So I can wear flip-flops all year long (I don't miss Indiana winters at all). Yes, we have palmetto bugs the size of mice, but they will never be hiding in my footwear!

Been reading your blog for a while but had to delurk for the dead-mouse-in-shoe post. And Adie is ADORABLE. :o)

Nichole said...

that has to be the one of the most disgusting things I have heard. I guess Darin will check his shoes from now on.
it gives me the shivers

Kat said...

oh my lanta- that is so freakin gross! i'm totally wearing flip flops the rest of my life as well...... eek!
LOVE the pictures. she has a beatiful smile!

amber said...

She is so so beautiful! And the shoe mouse killing thing is totally gross!!

RACHEL =) said...

OMG, I've missed a lot!!!
Adie is sooooo stinkin cute, Darce, seriously!!!!
LOVE all the pics of her in her adorable little outfits!! :)
Such a girly girl, I love it!
And the mouse... yuck!!!
So glad Darin caught it!
I would've freaked out, lol!!
Can't wait to catch up some more tomorrow!