Thursday, July 03, 2008

Recipes have been sent!!!

Please, please, PLEASE let me know if you did not get the final email with the recipe attachment. I was paranoid about trying to get everyone on the email I sent but I'm totally human and I HOPE I didn't forget anyone! (And my gmail wasn't saving the email at times when I'd add people as I received emails)

PLEASE let me know if you didn't get the final email.

And THANK YOU for participating, ladies! We ended up having 36 pages of recipes with like 3 recipes on every page. You rock. And we are going to have amazing NEW dinners as a result.

Have a great 4th!!!


Anonymous said...

Lurker here :) I just checked on your blog and saw that you had a recipe swap!!! I know I'm too late but can I get the e-mail with all the yummy recipes!? I'm getting married Saturday and could really use some new meals! Thanks!
Tara West

Nichole said...

thanks so much for coordinating all of this. Can't wait to look at the recipes.

Kat said...

yay! so fun! can't wait to try them all
thanks for organizing it all!!!

Rachelle said...

Thank you so much Darcy. What a wonderful idea and great meals ahead:) I want to thank everyone else also. I can't seem to get my email to forward to thank all.


Jewel said...

I too was wondering if you would send me a "Blog Recipe Book."