Monday, April 20, 2009


Hello, all!
Yep.. still here.. still pregnant.
We are 36 weeks and 4 days and I'm not anxious to meet Miss Baby JJ at all. =) I'm super uncomfortable but hanging in there... in fact my belly is hanging so low that my stretch marks grow about an inch longer every day.
I wish I was kidding.
My midwife appointments are on every Friday now and I got checked at our last appointment. We're an inch dialated but I guess you can be like that for a few weeks? Oh heaven help me. =/ I took this stuff called "Mother's Cordial" (natural schtuff) when I was preggers with Adie and the midwife was pretty sure it put me into labor. So yeah, asked her if I could do that again and she suggested that I wait until after 38 weeks. Darin has 3 speaking engagements this week, I have 2 photo shoots and my dad will be in Washington with my sister until Sunday so it would be best for baby JJ to stay in until after this weekend. And the whole she-may-be-a-better-weight-and-suck-better-and-not-have-jaundice-like-early-Adie-thing would be nice too. =) But yeah, we'll probably take the laptop to the hospital so you all will get to meet Baby JJ as soon as one of us feels like blogging after her birth. =)
Okay.. had a scrap day with friends in the ol' basement on Saturday and as always, had a blast! Got 6 pages and my hooter-hider made so I was happy. Just finished up the journaling on the pages and I thought I'd share.

Yep, a million pictures on an 8.5x11 of our Indy outing.

This page is from pictures of last week when Denise, Natalie and I took the kids to Shipshewana and had them ride the carousel. Adie is FEARLESS of everything.

Cept a harmless carousel horse, that is.

She wouldn't let me put her on a horse AT ALL and kept saying, "No mommy, no mommy, no mommy" when I tried. At the end of the second ride after Natalie sat up there with her and quietly snuck off the horse leaving Adie there clueless that aunt Natalie wasn't holding onto her anymore, she rode the horse. So yeah, had to scrap it!

Again, pictures from last week of my nephews here. We got them all sunglasses for Easter and took pictures.

A page of Adie's Easter basket this year. Got some play dress up shoes, a new coloring book, some bubble toys, a bunny headband and the sunglasses and the only thing she paid any attention to were the sunglasses. The next day she wore them through our entire Walmart grocery trip. Didn't get her any attention AT ALL.

Another page of the cousins from pictures of my sister's boys last week. I included 4 pictures on the page because there wasn't one picture with them all looking. So I picked 4 pictures so each of them is looking in at least one of them. =)

And the 6th page is Miss Baby JJ's cover page for her baby album. So I'm not showing you cuz it has her name on it. =) Darin looked at it and said, "so that's the way we are spelling it?"
Thought we'd talked about that! He was cool with the spelling.. maybe I just dreamed that we had talked about it. =/

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Shelly said...

I LOVE your pages and am disappointed I couldn't have been there! I'm glad you got some things done! Hang in there! You are almost there!

Kat said...

i can't believe you still have the energy to scrap! love all your pages!
and you need to email me about your mothers stuff- i want to try it! i'm DONE being preggers........ i'm dialated to 3! but my doula said that second time mommies can walk around dialated up to 4 for a few weeks. bummer!

Jewel said...

Ooh, I can't to meet Baby JJ! I wonder if she'll come in time to be introduced to MOTTTs this Spring...or that'll have to wait til Fall '08!

I love your Shades page. So adorable!
And the Easter Basket page is so awesome too!

I had to laugh about how Darin found out how YOU were planning to spell Baby JJ's name! :)

Dina said...

you forgot to mention one other reason that you can't have baby JJ yet - WE HAVE A LUNCH DATE FRIDAY! I can't wait. I miss you lots and want to see that belly (you now how I love prego bellies). love the pages you did too!

Rebekah said...

yay! it's getting CLOSE!! :) how fun!
and love your layouts! fantastical, girl!! :)

Kelsey said...

i'd also like to know more about this mother's cordial! :) i've been looking it up online and don't get much info on what it actually does! good luck, can't wait to see pictures!

Jewel said...

My hubby Ben just went to Lucas Oil Stadium Thurs. for a show for work!