Monday, April 27, 2009


Hey all! Realized I needed to blog because we weren't in church yesterday so Shelly called wondering if Baby JJ had entered the world yet!

Sadly she has not.

BUT I'm okay with it. Last week I had some super fun contractions from Monday night until about Thursday.. period cramps, a back ache and even some leakage. Went to the midwives a day early and the made sure my amniotic fluid wasn't leaking. It wasn't.. I was probably just peeing myself and hadn't a clue. =/ Seems to happen a bit with this pregnancy. BUT we are 2cm dialated so we gained a cm! Come on out, girlfriend!

Let's make a deal... I'll blog EVERY DAY until the girl comes. That way if I miss a day you guys can assume that we've birthed her. And then you can wait for adorable pictures of the new addition to our family. Because I'm pretty sure she's going to be adorable. Okay and I have to rat Darin out because this is freaking hilarious and to those of you that know him, know that he's super sweet and chooses his words so, so carefully. Like I'm pretty sure I could count on one hand the number of times he's hurt my feelings with his words through our entire marriage and even then he didn't mean to.


A few months ago we were discussing our thoughts on what miss baby JJ would look like. Darin so sweetly says,

"I think she'll look more like me than Adie does. You know, skinny."

His 1lb gaining-a-week wife doesn't take this personally AT ALL and tells him,

"Please elaborate, sweetie."

He then tells me that he was a skinny baby with absolutely no chub and Adie looked a bit more like me as a baby with tanko thighs and dimples in her elbows, cheeks and buttock.

Yeah, so that's what he really meant. But as you've guessed it, he hasn't lived it down yet. Nor will he for a few more decades. You all know I am not kidding with the decades jab. =)

Oh.. and I like to think that baby JJ hasn't come yet because she's an extremely obedient child. Last week Darin spoke at 3 different events, I had 3 photo shoots and my dad was visiting my sister 800 miles away. It really would have put a few stresses on things if she would have come last week. So yeah, she's just super obedient for staying in. And maybe she's gaining her Darcy-baby-chub that Darin doesn't think she's going ot have. HA! Sorry, sweetie.. had to get that in. =)

Here are some pictures of the photo shoots from last week. (had a senior picture job too but forgot to ask them permission to post on the ol' blogg-o-roo!)

Darin's best friend from HS's kindergarden twins. I giggled the ENTIRE time I edited these pictures! They showed SO MUCH personality!!

And "HI" Laura (their mom) that is an avid blog reader!!!!

And the King Boys!!!

Adie has some new sleeping habits. During Darin's Spring Break she slept until 7:30-8am every morning. Pure heaven cuz she's always been a bit of an early riser.

Um, we're back at the butt-crack-gettin'-upping time.

Darin has weight lifting at 6:30 in the morning 3 days a week and a few times Adie has gotten up with him to have breakfast. That means she's up between 5-5:30am. This will be really fun with a new skinny baby in the house. (okay sweetie... I'll stop!!!)

AND last night on #2 out of 4 bathroom trips for the night I almost tripped on a sprawled out sleeping Adie on our bedroom floor. It was nice of her not to wake me but I seriously almost took out the entire girl population of our house if I would have tripped over her. =/ Silly girl.

I am a facebooker now! Yeah. Had the account for like 3 months and hadn't a clue on how to use it. My good pal Dina showed me how and now I have friends that I thought I already had. =) Just FACEBOOK friends now. =) So look me up and be my friend! I didn't put my maiden name on there and have no clue how to go back and do that so just look me up by Holsopple. =)

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beachy keen said...

Lookie here...I told ya I'd leave you some love, and it looks like I may be the first today. Anyways, I love the pics of the King boys. Nate and Angela make some cute kiddos. Can't wait to see pics of your little JJ (hopefully sooner than later :))and I'm sure she will be adorable!


The Haughs said...

Sorry, Darin. . . Dimply babies are WAY cuter than skinny babies. . . :)

Nichole said...

I am glad you are so light hearted about the baby chub comments. Chubby babies are cuter.

by the way if you want to add your maiden on settings and go to account settings and do an edit of your name...really simple. hope that helps. More people find you this way for sure.

Kat said...

i agree- who doesn't love a tubby baby?? ;)
just added you as a friend on facebbook- watch out, its addictive!!!!

Stephanie said...

Can't wait to see that new baby.
You can easily change your name to show your maiden name. I just recently did this. When you are on your homepage go up to the top right and click on "Settings". Once you do that a page will come up and at the top you will see Name. Click on change and you will be able to go in there and change it. I actually put my maiden name as my middle name, but you can actually put a former name (ie: maiden name) that will help others find you. Hope that helps.

Shelly said...

I LOVE the whole hairy situation around Darin's comment. Luke is the same way...has never said anything to hurt my feelings and I can see him saying something similar. Poor guy! :) but yeah, he can't live that down! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby!

Laura Read said...

Great blog Darcy - even regardless of the fact that you posted pics of the girls! Your brutal honestly always makes me laugh! I look forward to daily blogs until baby comes (sorry - I'm sure you'd rather just have the baby!).