Friday, April 24, 2009

Nothing Much..

goine on.

No baby.

Just lots of contractions since Monday night.

Had an apointment yesterday and we are at 2cm dialation now but still no other signs that she wants to come.

If this were Adie's pregnancy, we would have had her Wednesday.

Trying not to think about that. =/

She'll come when she wants to, right? We're just ready to meet her!

And this belly is getting HUGE! The other night a gentleman was talking to me and he was a bit of a "close-talker-kind-of-guy." He also had a belly almost the size of mine. Let's just say we kept belly butting as he talked to me. =/


In the meantime I've been working on Adie's 2nd birthday party invites since I'll either be super pregnant when her birthday rolls around or have an infant! Just doing aunts, uncles and grandparents to keep the load low. Did some pictures yesterday and of course had 15 funny pictures and one good one. Thought I'd share some funny out-takes...

And finally the good one. =)

Love that you can see her little dimple. =) Can't believe we'll have a 2 year old in a couple of weeks! And (GOD-WILLING) a second child!
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the swope family said...

Adie is beautiful! Greg gave me your blog address so I've been getting caught up on what you are busy with! How exciting that baby girl #2 will be here soon! We've got two little guys who are 22 months apart. You can check out our blog at if you want to! Yay for babies!!
Take care,

Tracey Blevins said...

How sounds like Baby #2 will be here soon. Hang in there - she'll come when she's ready! Best wishes and good luck!

stacydoolittle said...

Awww. That last picture of Adie is so cute! Love her little hair do. She's gonna be the best big sister when Baby JJ finally comes. Hurry up Baby JJ! I'm dying to know your name!

Rachel & Mike & Lauren said...

April 28th! April 28th! April 28th! :)

lisadickinson said...

excited for you girly! keep us posted!

Dina said...

i had too much fun with you girls yesterday! thanks for a good time and a great friendship. be patient, baby jj will be here before you know it. love you!

Susan said...

ADORABLE!!!! every single shot. and i am thinking about you lots... hope you feel well! :)