Thursday, July 09, 2009

Everyone's playing...

Wrigley has been trying to play with Joya..

the other night I saw him putting his ball in her bouncey right by her face.

Sorry Wrigley.. she can't throw the ball back yet. As you can see, she's not so into plyaing catch.

And daddy wasn't into the game Joya was playing the other night.

She called it:

"Let's see how many times I can poop & puke in my bath."

She finished her game 4 & 2... 4 poops and 2 pukes.

As you can see, Darin isn't too impressed.
Not really his game of choice.. but he never complained. =)Last night he cheered for her during bathtime when she just made toot bubbles instead of poop remnants.


And mommy has finally gotten to play at her scrap table! First time since Miss Joya was born!

Here's a page about the heart murmur they detected when she was a day old. Thank the Lord they haven't heard it since!

Here are her first pictures...

And this is a page of her Birth Day. Once I finished writing it (I KNOW.. I'm a little behind) I will slip it behind the pictures. I put a clear 8x8 page protector back there to house it.
And this is kinda crazy.. today is my 350th blog post!
Can you believe it's been that many? I can't believe some of you are still reading!


Kat said...

love your pages!!!!!! i can't wait till i can get my scrap on- maybe this weekend?

the swope family said...

Awesome scrap pages. I am so far behind on Harper's books. The 2nd baby just seems to throw off the scrapbooking schedule!!!

Linz said...

What a good laugh! not so funny that Joya is poopin in the tub for ya, but funny it was made into a game score:) Too silly!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Darcy, you cracked me up with Joya's game. Also, the picture of Joya is so funny to me! I'm glad you've had a chance to scrapbook. Always like seeing your layouts.