Friday, July 31, 2009

Some pages...

I am happy to report that Joya now has 10 scrap pages! So now I want to share them with you. =)

Here is the first page of her album. (The background is my cherry wood floor.. just want to show you that there's rounded corners)

Here is the page about her meeting Adie. Adie looks thrilled, doesn't she???
And her 4th bath. =/ I appologized in the journaling about it taking me til the 4th BATH to document and take pictures! I swore I would take tons of pictures of her even tho she's the second baby and I am failing. Miserably.
Kinda looks like a boyish page but Darin was wearing blue and the tub was blue... gotta match the pictures to my paper!
And can you tell that I'm totally obsessed with hand stitching right now? LOVE IT!
Oh.. and I posted more pictures of Joya Jae's 3 month shoots below.. I know.. two posts in one day! Totally not like me. =)
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Kat said...

love them all! joya is doing much better than izzy in the scrap pages department......... she only has 1 page! =/

Anonymous said...

Great Layouts! I am so glad you had a chance to scrapbook since litte Joya's arrival!