Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I *actually* scrapbooked!

LOVE that I got pages done this weekend. It's been WAY too long. Thought I would share since it's been eons since I've scrapped!

Joya Jae trying cereal...

Joya's Dedication Sunday page...

Joya's 6 month update page:

A page about how not EVERY thing she wears is a hand-me-down from Adie Grace! Poor thing was born in the exact same season as her sister so she really didn't need much!
A page about Darin and I! WOAH.. rewind like 2.5 years ago when I scrapped us! I need to more often. Shame on me. Page about the Notre Dame game we went to a few months back.


And Joya's page to document when she started sitting. I realize she has a crap-ton of bobby's around her for a page saying how she sits on her own but those were the only pictures I had of her sitting! Sure she'll understand.


Niki said...

Darce, great pages!! The Game Day one got me thinking tho.....since you are the mucho talented photographer, you're always BEHIND the camera. I miss seeing pics of you!! :)

Kat said...

such great pages!!!! i just organized a new scrap space, hoping it will make it easier to scrap for me!