Thursday, January 28, 2010

Man, I love my girls...

Daddy snapped a few pictures of his ladies on Friday before I went to the Women's Conference. And who ever prayed for Joya to take the bottle.. thank you! She sucked down 3 of them like a champ! Only took her 9 months to realize that bottle are in fact, not the devil.

Anywho.. how did I get so lucky to have two such amazing little girls? Man I love being their mommy!

And somehow Joya didn't get the memo that we were sticking out our tongues in this one...
And yesterday I fell in love with a baby girl name.
No! not pregnant but Darin's 100% sure when we have baby#3 that she will be a girl.
He's prepared.
So I told him my baby girl #3 name and he gave me "the" look...
To which I replied,
"What? Don't you like it?"
And then he wanted to know if I had stole a 3rd name from the original Iowa Joya's family.
Go back to this post to read how we got Joya's name. After hearing what Iowa Joya's brothers name was, I switched my boy name that we've had for our entire marriage. I know, I'm sad. Dude, it's so cute.
So yeah, you'll have to wait until we get pregnant again in a few years, carry out my pregnancy for 9 months and *IF* it's a girl then you'll know! And if it's a boy then you'll know what Iowa Joya's little brother's name is! HA!


Lee and Becca said...

Just looking at Adie's hair in those braids gives me a headache..and honestly maybe flashbacks of my mom torquing my curly fro hair into just such a hairdo.

Jewel said...

Cute! Cute! Cute!

a.tonagel said...

Hi Darcy,
I stumbled on your blog when I saw some pics you had taken of Nikki and her family. Your blog is adorable and you take fabulous pictures!
amanda tonagel
(my husband works with Darin at the school)