Wednesday, February 03, 2010

9 months...

Um, seriously

Life is moving a little too fast. =/
My baby is 9 months old. She's been out as long as she was in me!
Sunday and Monday I shot a bunch of pictures of her so here are my faves!
First one (and my fave) on our bed. The girls loves her boots. She likes to suck on them so I'm pretty happy we got this shot without a boot in her mouth!
She is still a ham. Loves to make us smile. Loves TO smile especially when she's in Wrigley's food bowl or playing in my plants. =/ Hate that the disciplining is starting!
She weighs 16lbs flat and is 25 inches long. She's in the 3rd percentile for both height and weight! Still a little peanut! Maybe she'll be my gymnast?
She can still fit into 6-9 months clothes.. and a few of her 3-6 one's too!
She FINALLY sleeps through the night! With the holiday's and my good friend loosing her baby.. I just couldn't bring myself to let her cry it out. It took the Doctor telling me that she is too old to nurse during the night. She is able to sleep through. Ah. Last week we finally started and she's been sleeping through since.
Yes, still nursing. I think I'll go for a year with her. I quit at 10 months with Adie but that was because I didn't feel like I was making enough for her and I was in the middle of gymnastics season and her taking a bottle was a must for those long Saturday's at invitationals!
She nurses 4 times a day.. 8am, noon, 4pm and 8pm. Yes, I am a HUGE scheduler!

And she FINALLY takes a bottle! Whoo-hoo! And when she takes one she drinks exactly 3.5 onces.. exactly what I pump. So weird.

She no longer lets me put things on her head. =( No hats, bows or flowers anymore! Just got lucky for these pictures because we distracted her with making fools out of ourselves to get a smile for the camera! You'll notice in some she doesn't have any head apparel because she pulled it off. =)

She's not looking like Adie did at 9 months. You can tell they are sisters but I think she looks more like Darin and Adie looks more like me.

Darin had pictures with Adie at 9 months on his feet and looking between his legs so he wanted to do some with Joya doing the same thing. Love her expression in this one!
Joya jibber-jabbers ALL THE TIME! She's our little social bug.
She waves and says "Ha" (aka "Hi") all day long!

She takes two 1 1/2 - 2 hour naps a day. Sleeps at night from 8pm until 6:30-7:30am.
Hates the exersaucer. Loves the door-frame jumper thingy.. for 3 minutes at a time.
Has been crawling for 2 months!
Likes to stand on her own. Thinks it's pretty darn cool.
Thinks the dog is hilarious.
Thinks her big sister is even more hilarious!

LOVES the nursery at church and MOTTT'S!
Still no teeth. Doctor said her gums don't even look remotely close to housing teeth! So whenever I've blamed any sort of fussiness on "getting teeth" the past 4 months I've been a complete liar. =/ Who knew?
Love my baby girl. =)


Suzy said...

I found your blog through Lindsay's and I just wanted to say that I love your photos.

mandiegirl said...

She is just TOO sweet!

Kat said...

love love love all the pictures! especially the ones with her at darin's legs (i totally remember and loved the ones of adie doing the same!) and the ones with the big fluffy skirt and flower. so cute!

and i agree- she looks like darin and adie like you. so it blew my theory about first borns looking more like daddy. oh well........

cute pictures- can't believe she's already 9 months!

~*Connie*~ said...

Oh my, I don't think your girls could be any cuter! Good job on the pics and welcome to the little peanut world. Both my girls are peanuts and it makes it quite nice with the clothes situation.

Amy said...

I found your blog through Sara. I loved the pictures you took of their family this summer. Your girls are beautiful! My baby girl will be 9 months on February 11th and she doesn't have any teeth yet either. I've also blamed fussiness on teething.. apparently not. :)

Jewel said...

Beautiful pics, of course like usual!