Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Questions Answered Part 5

Sorry about the delay in posting! Adie had the stomach flu all day yesterday and then she graciously gave it to me. Was up all night and most of the day frequenting the facilities. =/ I'll spare you the details. I was giving some details to Darin tonight at the dinner table and for some reason he didn't appreciate that very much. I think it's over now so here we go with more questions answered!!!
Let's tackle the JC questions. got a ton of hard questions, that's for sure! Hopefully you all don't think I'm Holier than Thou with my answers.. that's not my intent at all. hope you see my heart and yeah, appreciate you guys asking these questions!

Kat said…
also, sorry if i sound like a total idiot, but could you explain what a testimony is?
A testimony is your story on how you came to know Christ and what He’s done in your life. I’ve had a few questions about this and last fall Kayla Aimee posted my story on her devo blog. The devo blog is no longer so I’ll be posting my whole story again here on my own blog soon. Stay tuned. =)

Mary Cockburn said...
So here's my question: What is the moment that has had the most impact on who you are today?

Oh gosh. There are SO many! Some that stick out are when my mom uttered the words, “I have stage 4 cancer”. Another one is when my first husband said, “I am in love with her”. (the “her” not being me) Another is when my Darin chose me and made me wear white at our wedding because he saw me as God saw me... “as a pure spotless bride.” Or it may have been when I saw two red lines on the pregnancy stick August of 2006 and then again in August 2008. All those things really shaped who I am but the biggest moment that has carried me through all of those events is when I made the decision to follow Jesus Christ. There is NO WAY I could have gone through any of the things listed above if I didn’t have Jesus guiding my way. He allowed all those things to happen (good and bad) and each have made me the Darcy I am today.

Emily said...
My question is... Have you always had such a close relationship with God? What is your testimony?
I had the advantage of growing up in the church. My parents were amazing at showing us the amzingness of having a relationship with Jesus and having the Holy Spirt live in me. My relationship with JC has been stronger at times and weaker at other times… as all relationships seem to go. I think I was at my lowest right after my mom died and my first marriage started to go down the drain. I was a tad bit naive and saw some MAJOR red flags when I was engaged but I was silly enough to believe that somehow marrying me would straighten out my first husband. Obviously, that didn’t happen. The most growth that I’ve had in my life would definitely be when I came back home after that marriage disintegrated. I lost everything and Jesus was all I had left. Like I said above, I will blog my written out testimony here soon. It will share more of the story and give you a glimpse of what I learned from it all. I’ve given it in a few different settings so I have it all ready to present. =)

Jo said...
When you start reading in the Bible where do you start?
I would recommend starting in Proverbs. There are 31 chapters so it’s perfect with how many days are in a month. There are AMAZING things in Proverbs about holding your tongue and how to be righteous and stuff. And it hosts my favorite chapter in the entire bible… Proverbs 31. I STRIVE to be like that woman! Then hit Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If we’re trying to be Christ-like we’ve gotta read how Christ lived on this earth! =) I asked Darin this question and he said Matthew or John, then Acts, then continue into Galations and Ephesians.

Brad said...
This is a strange question but in the spirit of trying to find the good in everything. What event in your life are you now thankful for that originally seemed like it couldn't possibly be good. I have a friend who is struggling with God's will in a situation and I want to possibly help him through other's experiences.
Definitely the failure of my first marriage. When it was happening.. the ONLY thing that kept me from driving my car into a tree and ending my life was that I couldn’t put my brother, my sister and my dad through loosing me right after they had lost my mom. I was so, so sad. I saw NO good in it when I was going through it. But now that I’ve gotten past it, I realize that I am a different person because of it. I am not as judgmental as I KNOW I would have been pre-divorce. I grew up in a pretty strict Christian setting and divorce was so taboo. I think now I have more compassion to those that have been through it. I’ve actually talked to 3-4 people that were going through a similar situation and was able to give them so hope and lead them to scripture that I clung to when I was going through it. (1 Corinthians 7) I am also a better wife to Darin because of my first marriage. I am SO MUCH more appreciative of him knowing what my life could have been if my ex decided to stay with me. Yeah, I would have stayed with him if he would have choosen to stay with me! So yeah... it was a totally horrible thing to endure but God allowed it to happen so my job is to learn from it and help others. =)
If your friend it going through something similar, give them my email. If it's a dude then I'll be CC-ing Darin in any conversation I would have. =)

Here's a few random questions. =)

Monica said...
Question 1: Are you gonna shoot me with a gun or camera?

So glad you got my little joke, monica! Glad I’m entertaining people other than myself. =)
Question 2: What is the best surprise you have ever had?
Um, TOTALLY Darin’s proposal! I had *no* clue it was coming. We had only been dating for 9 weeks when he popped the question so yeah, it was quicker than I could ever imagine! He even had my 2 roommates and my brother and Natalie there and I didn’t know it. =) I’ve also had 3 surprise b-day parties and was CLUELESS with all 3!!! Those of you who know me, this totally doesn’t surprise you!

Gretchen said...
Do you miss being involved in gymnastics?
YES! So, so much. I love the sport and miss the girls even more. I miss the girls standing on the beam spilling their guts out to me. Miss the slumber parties and hotel stays. Miss coaching with the best head coach ever, Nika. Miss seeing the girls work really hard for tricks and the satisfaction of when they GET that trick. Miss spotting, miss picking out floor music... pretty much miss it all. But choosing gymnastics would have meant missing out on some of the things my own little girls were doing. Right now my ministry is my daughters and I don’t want to look back and have regrets of not being the best mom I can be. And Darin coaches 2 sports of his own. We had the entire year covered in fall, winter and spring sports. So yeah, I had to give something I LOVED up to devote my time to my family and support my hubby’s coaching. It may just be a season in our lives.. who know?? Maybe me coaching will fit into our family in the future. =)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for sharing. I don't know why, but I find myself so curious about your first marriage. I know you said you would post more about your testimony later. Could you share more about your first marriage? I myself am going through a tough time in my marriage- and would love to hear your story. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical. ........................................

Jewel said...

Darce---thanx for sharing everything! Who knows...maybe you'll end up coaching one of your girl's gymnastics team!!!

Brad said...

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions Darcy. I appreciate it and your honesty on your blog. You are an inspiration to many and you should be proud of that.

Andrew and Denise said...

Where is the answer to my question?

Jo said...


So why do you live so far from me?? You are so sweet and when I read your comments I feel the sweet heart of yours. You are definitely a blessed girl. Your words are very encouraging. I wish you lived closer!!!!!! You are truly awesome. thank you again for taking the time to answer our questions. :)