Monday, April 12, 2010

Easter & Mini "ca-cation"...

Now it's time to campagne to get my hubby to read my blog again! Like I said, was super busy over Darin's vacation with shoots! My photog money is our "extra" money so I am SO happy to say that we've booked our cruise! Another couple and us are heading out this July. It's Dairn and I's 5th year anniversary and my 30th birthday and the other couple's 10th anniversary. We are so, so excited so yeah, that's what else we've been doing! Been busy on the computer booking the cruise, our flights and hotel rooms!

We took a mini "ca-cation" this weekend to Gurnee, IL. We try to get away each spring break for at least a night. Adie kept calling it a "ca-cation" and I couldn't bear to correct her because it was too cute. And the elevator at the hotel was a "alligator". Got a few chuckles when she'd call it that with complete strangers around. Again, Darin and I thought it was too cute to correct! Anywho.. I'll do a little easter re-cap first.


Easter was amazing!

Church always does a big ol' gospel presentation on Easter Sunday and this one was my favorite yet. It was about being "Found" and Darin got to be apart of the service. He repelled off our second floor balcony. It was awesome and such a good message. Couple hundred people accepted Christ and we'll get to see them in heaven! So, so cool. Read my pastor's blog to for info about it all.

(That's darin in the red hat)

Then we celebrated at grandma Kathy's (Darin's mom) for lunch. The girls and our niece and nephew went on an egg hunt...

and this is the best family picture we got that day... it's getting much harder as our girls grow...

Then for dinner we headed to my dad's for yet another egg hunt!

It was a great day. =)


Then we went to Key Lime Cove in Gurnee, IL this past Friday night! So much fun. Darin's bro and sister in law and kids came with us...

Darin's a blondie and his bro has dark hair.. isn't it obvious to see which kids belong to which daddy's?

And I got my hair blond-i-fied over break too. can't really see it in this picture but I have bangs now too. Just wanted to be blond like my babies!

Adie's face cracks me up in that pic. She's such a cheeser for the camera these days!

And I was an Ikea virgin until this weekend. Um, yeah.. how have I not lived without this place? Got some new sheets, a moon nightlight for Adie's room, and MANY ideas. Oh, and got this new funness...
Yeah, it's empty thus far. Gunna put some ivy in my pot and some herbs and spices in the jars.

So yeah, a great spring break! makes me excited for summer break. Love having a teacher hubby!


Jewel said...

Braylon use to call the elevator "alligator" also! Looks like Easter was fun!

The Lantzes said...

I love the new purchase!!!! AWESOME! WHo ya crusin with? That will be fun!

darcy said...

Ashley, we are crusing with Zach and Melissa Worthman and possibly my blog friend Kayla and her hubby (she's linked at the side of my blog). Carpenter's and Mausts were going to come but couldn't for different reasons. SO excited!

Kat said...

so jealous about the cruise
you look great as a blondie blond
jessica used to called the elevators alligators! actually, she called it a crocidile for awhlie cause she got the two confused. it was pretty funny.
adie is looking super tall and big girl like now! they grow too fast!

Anonymous said...

I was also an Ikea virgin until last summer... seriously? I was in Heaven!!! The day I get a house, I'm making a B-line for Chicago! I can't wait! :)
The thing you got is something on my wishlist too. So funny :)