Thursday, April 22, 2010

My bucket list...

So, we're doing this series at church called The Bucket List. You know, a list of things you want to do before the kick the bucket. We were challenged to come up with our own list and bring them to church this Sunday. Thought I would share them all with you! Some are spiritual, some are vain-ish, some are relational and some are plain ol' silly. I'll write explanations behind some and some really don't need explanation! In no particular order...

*Perfect homemade yeast cinnamon rolls. Darin's favorite. =)

*Pay cash for a new Honda Accord someday. We don't believe in car payments so this one might take awhile! My parents did this at 50 so it may take another 20 years for us to be able to do it too!

*Own a pair of $100 jeans. They can totally be used $100 jeans but it'd be icing on the cake if the budget let me splurge on new one's!

*Have Darin's favorite cookies in the freezer 95% of the time for the rest of our lives. Amen.

*Take the girls to Disney World with money I've made from my photography.

*Have Lasik Surgery.. be able to see when I open my eyes in the morning. I can't remember when I could do this.. it was 2nd grade when I got glasses. poo.

*Anonymously pay for someone's meal at a restaurant. This has been done to us a few times and I'd love to pay it forward!

*Swim with dolphins. This is HUGE cuz I hate to swim! But I like dolphins!

*Do a back-hand-spring at age 30 and again at 35. I'll have Darin video tape the one I'll do on July 27th of this year.. I'll post it on the ol' blog. And pretty sure I won't show you the one at 35! It probably isn't going to be pretty!

*Remodel 1 more home and eventually build our dream house and stay in it for the rest of our lives. =) Preferably on a bit of land. Couple acres. My dad still owns the home that they brought me home from the hospital in and I loved not moving much while growing up. But at the same time we've been able to build quite a bit of equity with remodeling homes! It's gunna be a different story with littles now, tho! I think I have one more remodel in me and then I want the process of building a new one. =)

*Run a 5k. Without stopping. I HATE running so I'd love to get this one over and done with asap. Maybe in June at our church's AmazinGrace?

*Have at least 10 scrapbook pages published in magazines. Two down, eight more to go! I guess this would require me submitting my pages for publication? I remember Kayla reminding me of that once.. "Darce, you gotta SUBMIT your pages if you want them picked up!" Um, that girl knows me too well...

*Go to Hawaii with Darin. Just Darin. Ooo-la-la!

*Go back to Acapulco with Darin and relive our honeymoon. Double ooo-la-la!

*Be a coach again. I miss my high-schoolers! And I will only be Adie and Joya's coach if they want me to be! Don't want to hover!

*Have (at least) a 10 second kiss with Darin each and every day for the rest of our lives.

*Have one or both my girls tell me I'm their best friend. This would be sometime AFTER their teen years when hopefully the mothering slows down a bit and we're able to be friends. Mothering, discipline and correction waaaay more important up until then.

*Help my girls plan the wedding of their dreams. Prolly on a budget, of course. =)

*Write a book. Not sure on what.. any ideas?

*Darin and I be the keynote speakers at a marriage retreat. Amen.

So.. what are some of the things on your bucket list?


Emily said...

Great list, Darcy! I had LASIK four years ago, and it was a life-changer.

As far as the jeans go, I am a BIG fan of good ones that retail for $100+ :) BUT if you can find a more upscale consignment store that sells them for $25-$50, that is the BEST. If you dont have them in your area, if you travel to, say, Chicago or Indy, seek those stores out! They save you boucoups! That's what I do now.

Kat said...

great list! and you can totally do the 5k!!!! it feels so good when you do it :)
oh- and you should go to disney land instead of disney world- that way we can finally meet up!

Myra said...

Hi! I go to Grace too and I'm still working on my bucket list. (I can just totally borrow half of yours!) Just wanna say, I love your photography! Hope I can meet you sometime! :)

Anonymous said...

If you would like to practice for buying a Honda Accord with cash, I'd offer you mine in a couple years. You could buy it from me. It's a 2003 (so not brand new) but like I said... practice for the big one! hahaha :) It would make a perfect first car for one of the girls... because in a couple years I'll be getting my Pilot!! :) he he
I love your bucket list!

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Amanda said...

On Speaking at a Marriage Retreat- Our church is a large historic church in the heart of our city. Because of that, many people want to have weddings there. It literally became impossible for our minister to do all of the pre-marital counseling. So, our Healthy Marriages Team started a weekend retreat called Great Start: Turning Beautiful Weddings into Great Marriages. It is held twice per year and each engaged couple is assigned a mentor couple from the church. Together they attend workshops on topics like marriage expectations, finances, sex, resolving conflict, etc. Also, they hear stories from couples in our church who have struggled and conquered obstacles in their marriage, with God's help of course (death, financial troubles, alcoholism, infertility, etc.) Anyway, my husband and I have been part of this from the beginning (5 years now). It has blessed our marriage and we are now in charge of planning and organizing the entire weekend! Does your church have a "Healthy Marriages Team"?

Dina said...

I want to visit all of the 50 states, not just in passing. I also want to teach at the collegiate level. And...write a book :0

Jill said...

I enjoyed reading your list! That's a great topic for church... I think it helps us remember to really appreciate this life we've been blessed with. And I'm with you on mastering the fine art of perfect cinnamon rolls... my sister and I have been working on that one too. :)

Elaine said...

Hmmm...great list Darcy...makes me think of some things on mine...I'll have to do a blog post on that too. =) So far what I can think of: keep my house spotless for 2 whole weeks. =) I want to council engaged and newlywed couples with my husband. I want to own a bakery. I want to coach some level of basketball (probably starting with my kiddos)...Ok I'm rolling now...gotta stop and finish on my own blog in a few days. =) Thanks for the inspiration. =)