Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My favorite past time...

SCRAPBOOKING! It's been 3 months since I've created! Hate it when it's been that long.. not cool in my book. Had the scrap girls over for scrap day on Saturday. Love setting aside 12 + hours to getting a crap ton of pages done!
Here we go!
Got some Easter pages done for both girls. Always happy when I get a lot of pictures on a page!
And I think I had posted these pics on the ol' blog.. Joya eating dirt. Man, she's even more faster now than when she did this. (Um, is faster appropriate in that sentence? Not so much but hey, you all know by reading my blog that English and using appropriate words is not my forte. At all. Amen.) Anywho, showed my girls at scrap day how to do journaling in a collage in Picasa so when you print your 4x6 photo the journaling is already complete! It's a huge shortcut to scrapping at a crop when you don't have your puter handy for journaling. and I use my computer for journaling about 99.9% of the time.
A page about Adie and all her crazy cheesing done in one day. The girl is a hilarious smiler! Everyone tells me it's a phase but I'm hoping that when we take 3 year pics of her in a few weeks she'll give me a genuine smile like the one seen middle left on this page! We can only hope.. but for now we scrap the silliness!
Miss Joya and her messy eatin'! And yes, this is the 0.01% seen with me actually hand writing my journaling. I know you are supposed to let your kiddos see your handwriting and all but just like the looks of the typing better! On my pages, that is. Other people's hand journaling looks better than mine so I not dissing you if you hand journal.

Adie's Easter page! Um.. not sure what else to say. More houndstooth paper cuz I love it... Over and out...

And Joya's walking page. The picture of her with her hand over her mouth makes me giggle every time! Had to have it be the "main" photo on this page. Love the 2 wipe-out pictures too. Yes, I am a horrible mom for being behind the camera instead of catching her. Hey, it's all for the sake of a good page, right? I am the self-proclaimed documentor of the family and she fell a lot at this stage!
Adie's favorite time of the day is at 9:24am. Why, you ask? Cuz she breaks it down to the "We did it" song on Dora! I'm not kidding when I say she HARD CORE dances to the end of the Dora episode. Had to scrap it. =) Ignore the nakkid 2 year old. The nakkid 2 year old doing the Marilyn Monroe post in the largest picture. Just realized that... daddy sure will be proud!
So yeah, got some scrapping done and wanted to share! Wish there were more hours in the day so I could fit scrapping in every day. Love creating!
Next post will be my bucket list. We are doing a series called "Bucket List" at church and our pastor had us write out different things we want to do before we kick the bucket. So be ready to read mine and be ready to share some of yours with me!


island jen said...

oh man...this makes me miss scrapping so much! these are so great darcy...that last one is my fave!

Shannon said...

I wish you were coming this weekend to the scrappin' retreat! Can't wait to tell you how it goes :)

Cricket said...

Wonderful layouts! I love how you used multiple pics on each one!!


Jewel said...

Awesome pages! I actually scrapped some today when Braylon was having his video time before his nap time. It's such a good feeling after you've taken the time to scrap!

Nichole said...

Dearest Darce-
You seriously make THE cutest pages! Totally inspiring, so adorable! Love how you can get all these photos on a page & make it look effortless! Love every single one of these!

Sarah said...

You make me ITCHY to get to stuff out and scrap! I know you've said this before... I *think* when you do your small pics you do 4 pics on one 4x6, right? What program do you use to do that?

Jenny B in Indy said...

Love them!
You'll have to do a tutorial on how you do collages/journaling.. I'd love to know!