Saturday, September 11, 2010

We have a Preschooler on our hands...

Adie got to go to her first day of preschool on Tuesday!  She had a blast. 
I think. 
It's like pulling teeth to get her to talk about what they do at school.  Every day she says they play outside and go down the slide. I'm pretty sure they do more but she has her mother's memory so that's probably all she can remember of the day!  She only does 2 hours on Tuesday's and Thursday's... perfect for her attention span.  This was actually the preschool that Darin attended about 28 years ago! 

And yes, she got to wear the apple jeans. =)  It was definitely cool enough!
Look how tiny she looks under that sign!  We'll take this picture again at the end of school and then next year when she's in the 4/5's class to document her growth.
Ahhh.. only 14 more years of public school, baby girl!  Hope your enthusiasm for school now sticks with you for a long, long time!  And that you learn more than going down a slide...
Just got my winter hair back!  No more platinum blond. =(  It was super fun so I'll probably do it again next summer when the tan comes back.  Had a couple people on Facebook ask me if I could do a picture of it.. since I haven't seen the hubby since Wednesday night with football and couldn't ask him to take the picture, I decided to try some in my bathroom mirror. It didn't go so well...
And my camera is super hard to focus when you aren't looking thru the view finder...

Here's a picture of our really nicely in focus towel holder if you all were interested in knowing what that looked like...
This one is probably the best we got...
we should have stopped then. =) 

Now you all can see how much I need to clean my mirrors!

This one cracks me up.. not sure what Adie is looking at???

Her smile made me giggle in the next one.. oh, and yeah, growing the bangs out.  Next time I think I want bangs will someone talk me out of them?  Please?  no me gusta the upkeep.
Had to get Joya into some!  And still perfecty unfocused. =)
And there's the closet door that needs painted in the background!  Oh and Joya got her first haircut too!  She was sporting a tiny bit of a baby mullet so we trimmed up the party in the back.  Now it curls even more.
And here's just me... Still not so focused. =)  Look at the hair color, people!
And here is a platinum blond picture from the cruise..
Fun to change it up.  =) 

After our trying to shoot in the mirror-ness I found Joya up on the table helping herself to an apple.
Cuz babies with 4 teeth are really good at biting into an apple, right?  She seems to think so!

And I appologize to all my Purdue alums, my father and myself for having the girls in these blasteded Notre Dame shirts.  It's borderline offending me.  Darin's coming home here soon and will get a kick out of his girls in his teams attire.  We even had an offer to go to the Purdue game today but Darin veto-ed it because he'd rather WATCH the Notre Dame/Michigan game.  Humph.

My girls probably just got written out of their Papa's will by being in these shirts...


Amy and Scott said...

Darce - LOVE the hair! SO pretty! Yeah, I got bangs again recently too and they are the most annoying thing in the world. I have done bangs like every other year for the past 6'd think I'd learn??? Oh well.

Your girls just keep getting prettier and prettier! Just like their mama!


a.tonagel said...

you look gorgeous whatever you hair color!!! cute pics of the closet door, mirror and towel rack. I wondered what those looked like. :)

Vintage Country Girl said...

I love the new color! BUT, what I really want to know is what color lipstick do you use....I've seen it in all your pictures and LOVE it!!!!!

Just a side note: I have your nephew Jett in my kindergarten class this year....AND, I'm Natalie's cousin....small world, right?

Anonymous said...

Adda girl, Joya! You don't need to be taught what teeth are for, you little monkey up on the table! She looks quite proud of her accomplishment and holding forth the trophy to show it. Grandma Kathy

Anonymous said...

Oh - how did I miss commenting on the nursery school pictures?! There's a deep down-in thrill with seeing "my" Adie going off to Good Neighbor Nursery School, remembering my own involvement there with so many wonderful people in it's beginning years and of course proudly accompanying my own two sons on their first days! She brings me so much joy in so many ways and I love watching her take these growing up steps! Grandma Kathy

PS I LIKE your fall hair, Darcy! But I share the sentiment that you look beautiful no matter what your hair color!