Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Happenings...

We had a great weekend here in our household!

We let the girls open their stockings on Christmas Eve right before our Christmas Eve Service at church.  On our way to church Adie coughs and chews on it. =/ I ask her if she's ok because she's queen of chewing her cough.. she said she was fine so we dropped Joya off at the nursery and went into the service.  We sit down in the 3rd row and seconds later Adie starts puking.
It's in her hair, down her jacket she didn't quite get off before the faucet started.. and all over the chair in front and back of her.  I run to the bathroom for towels to come back and see the people beside us had gotten up and moved.. yeah, I don't blame them because of the stench!

She and I headed home but made a pit stop at the cafe at our church to grab a cup.. really didn't feel like cleaning up puke in the 3rd row at church and in the van. =/  She said the sweetest thing.  I wrapped my jacket around her since hers was barfy and she said, 

"Mommy, but what are you going to wear?"

So sweet.  She was so concerned about me. Makes me tear up just thinking about the sweetness!

So here she is before the flu with her new barbie clothes so we don't have to have nakid barbies around this joint... 
and here she is after a bath and at home. 
I let her open Tinkerbell a day early cuz I felt so badly for her. =(

She woke up the next day and felt fine so we went on with the festivities!

Joya has learned the art of opening a gift while making sure mommy is catching it all on the camera.  HA!

And this was the big Black Friday find.. all 7 Disney Princesses for super cheap. =)

And my mom always got us toys or games we had to share.. so I started that tradition here in our home too.  Joya doesn't quite understand yet... sharing is one of our New Year's Resolutions. =)

And Darin was super daddy with trying to figure out all the assembly of the polly pocket town that barfed all over our floor... I just can't stop talking about barf, can I?  HA!
I asked him if he was bummed that he wasn't putting together trucks and tools for a son.. he was sweet and said there was nothing else he'd rather be doing. =)  My baby's daddy is SO good with his girls!

Hope the rest of you all had a great Christmas too.. we sure did. =)  Minus the puking, that is...

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Erin said...

We have a lot of Barbie clothes, yet our Barbies are still naked often. Just so ya know. ;) Hee hee.