Thursday, December 23, 2010

our engagement...

Darin took my girls to shopping this evening to get me some stocking stuffers because he feels badly that I won't have anything to open on Christmas. We are going to a Colt's game instead of giving each other presents this year.  Darin did his research and found out that the doors open 2 hours before kick off.. he will be in heaven, my nose will be in a good book.  =)

Hopefully we'll take some pictures of just him and I. Why is it that when the kiddos come into the family we all quit taking pictures of mommy and daddy together?  Last week Darin took me out for our 6 year anniversary of the day he proposed.  And we took a picture. =)

Yes, he remembers these things. 

He even organized babysitting without me knowing.  
We talked about all the things we still didn't know about each other on December 15th six years ago.  We'd only been dating for 9 weeks, ya know.  I probably didn't know that he despises croutons because he doesn't like hard, crunchy things in his salad.  And how he didn't know that my legs were super ticklish when I ovulate.  (Sorry about that bit of information, dad.. but it's true.  And aren't you glad Darin didn't know that bit of information until after we wed?)  We had so much to learn about each other.. but it's crazy how the two of us were made for each other.  Have I ever told you our engagement story?  Well, you are about to hear it!
It was December 15th, 2004 and Darin had been asked to speak at the Wednesday night program at the church he was youth pastoring at.  My dad, step-mom and both his parents were present.  I was CLUELESS that they were attending to watch the proposal.. I just thought they were there to hear him speak.  His sermon was about how God chooses us.  He was nearing the end of his talk and I suddenly hear someone's cell phone go off.. well, at least I thought someone's cell phone was going off. I start whipping my head around wondering who wasn't turning off their ringer during my man's sermon when I realized that I recognized the song.  
And it wasn't coming from one area of the room, it was coming from the overhead speakers.  I whip my head around to watch Darin and see that he's looking straight at me.. talking about how he's choosing ME for the rest of his life and gets down on one knee!  He proposes and through tears and DUMB-FOUND-NESS I say yes!  We hug and everyone starts clapping and my brother, sister in law and 2 roommates come out of the back door.. they had been invited and had the entire proposal on video.  I don't believe I had ever been more surprised, more in awe that someone as amazing as he is would choose me. 

I really need to get that video and post it for you here.  It was amazing.  And I seriously had no clue it was coming. And seriously thought someone was rude enough to keep their cell phone on during my man's sermon.  =/  Ahh.. that was fun to reminisce. =)
Annnnd my family is home.  And Adie just told  me what they bought me. =)  Well.. the first time she said it was a secret and so I whispered to her,
"What did you get mommy?"
So she whispered back,
"Candles and candy."
I knew if I whispered the question she'd whisper back!
Man, that poor girl is just like me!!!


a.tonagel said...

Are you going to do a post on our "anniversary"???? :) Hah!!!!
You two are super cute by the way.

Dina said...

So, this post had me reminiscing about you two. Remember when you, Erin, and I went through the McD's drive-thru and got Darin a piece of cheese melted in the wrapper? BAHAHAHA! You just HAD to do that bc he loves the cheese on the wrappers. Good times!

btw...don't trick YOUR daughter into telling you your presents...shame on you! hahaha

Shannon said...

I love the Sunrise series :) Enjoy it!!

I enjoy when you do reminiscing stories :)