Wednesday, December 22, 2010

december happenings..

Sorry about the delay in posting.. if you haven't noticed, it's December so our household too is attending Christmas Parties & White Elephant Gift Exchanges, conversations with friends, classroom parties, and other gatherings.. all of which I'll catch you up on along with some pictures and video.
Darin was just nominated as an elder at our church in which he was so entirely honored. His first required event was to attend the annual Christmas Party at our Pastor's house with all the other pastor's and elder's and elder's wives. We were told to bring a side dish and a white elephant gift. Easy, right? We didn't give our white elephant gift too much thought but found a Hanson "Mmm-bop" single cd and thought it might bring a few chuckles. We get to the party and have a great dinner and retreat to the basement for the gift exchange. When it came to my number I first selected a cute stuffed puppy that when you pushed his paw he would clap his ears above his head. Um, SCORE with the little ladies of the house! That doggie would have a loved home in this household! Of course it got stolen the next turn so I had to choose again. I grab a rather heavy box and start unwrapping. First pulled out some scientific goggles and then some gloves. The real treat was when I then grabbed the 2-3lb fetal baby pig in a plastic bag filled with fermaldihide. Pretty much our thoughts of a few chuckles on our Hanson single were shot. Needless to say no one stole my pig away from me.

Then we thought, "what does one do with a fetal baby pig in fermaldihide?" Well, prank someone else, but of course! We drove right over to the Worthman's and dropped that baby off on their front porch. Their oldest son saw the drop off and Zack ran outside just in time so see us pull away.. in our sitter's car so he didn't recognize the Jeep Liberty to anyone they knew. With the fact that saw the unrecognizable get-away vehicle and opened up a box with a fetal dead pig in it.. they CALLED THE COPS! Haha! The cops finally get there to inform them that he was pretty sure they had been pranked. Hahaha!

Good news? No harm done.
Bad news? The cop took the piggy.. pretty sure the Worthman's coulda got some usage out of that pig at another gift exchange!

A yearly Holsopple prank is on the books from hear on out.. hadn't had that big of a rush since TP-ing back in my senior year, 1998. =)

And yes, I am fired.  I was so shocked I didn't even get a picture of me with our prankin' pig. =/

Talked to Kayla Aimee on Saturday and Scarlette is making many improvements! Again, check out her blog here and her mama's blog here.  Thank you all who have been praying and asking me about here.. it's so awesome to see God's church joining together and praying for a family member... even the smallest of our family members. 

Last night I took 6 of my former gymnasts that had been on a team with Allison to the hospital to visit with her family.  We were expecting to pray with her family in the waiting room and steal her sister for dinner.  Her sister was a senior my last year (Allison's freshman year) and our manager.  We were surprised at the offer from her parents to go back and see Allison.  We felt humbled to be able to hold her hand and pray over her.  She's making many improvements but still in an induced coma.  CLICK HERE to read up on her status. 

Here is a picture of my former gymnasts whom I love so dearly... all grown up and looking lovely...
 Grabbed Kelsey and made her get a picture with us too...
 We had a great time at dinner...

And then ended the night with a sleepover at my house to relive old times. And learn new hip vocabulary words like "creeping" and other words I don't remember.  =)  It really made me miss coaching.. but also reminded me of how tight knitt our Wawasee Gymnastics Team is.  Once you've been on the team, you are a member for life. =)

A local news station also covered Wawasee's basketball game on Friday night in which all the student body and many people on the opposing team wore purple for Allison (her favorite color).  You can watch it here.. It's so, so moving.  The girls and I wore purple at the Fairfield game in honor of her too..

She is fighting to hard and we keep praying that when she wakes up she'll be the spunky ol' Allison that we all love... completely healed.   
And last but not least.. yesterday was Adie's very first school Christmas party. 

Took a video of her and Brayden dancing at the end of class.. she gets bored at the end and starts picking at her nails and is completely disinterested.. she is SO my daughter!!!

Photo and video editing at

Hopefully I'll get in another blog before Christmas but if I don't.. have a VERY Merry Christmas with family, fun and celebrating The One who came to save us.


Dina said...

So proud to be the "babysitter" the night of the prank and supply the strange, unrecognized, get-away vehicle! hahaha....and the video of Adie - at least she didn't start pullin on her belly button! hahahaha

Anonymous said...

There is a great picture on the front of the Mail-Journal this week of all the kids wearing purple in the student section at Friday's game. Mike was very proud to have captured that sign of support for Allison.
What a blessing the Caring Bridge site has been, not only for Allison, but also for a handful of my friends and family.
Continued prayers for her and her family.