Saturday, May 28, 2011

6th Anniversary

Today marks a special day in our family history.. 6 years ago we were married!  And oh what a perfect day it was. =)  I'll take you on a little flashback of our wedding day.. many things that I forgot until I looked thru our wedding album and had a few laughs!  

This was the verse that was all over our wedding.. 

And it was a day of rejoicing.. we'd finally found the perfect one for each other. Never a day in my marriage have I doubted my love for this man. It's only grown.  Never once have I ever wanted to go back in time and not marry him.. never once have I doubted his love for me.  God created this man for me.

Here are some of my favorite pictures...

And I should have plucked out the picture of me loosing it in our vows.  You know.. the part where it says "for better or for worse". Those words still to this day have so much meaning for me.  EVERY wedding Darin and I have been to together I always get a little hand squeeze when that part comes in the vows.  Coming from the past that I came from where my 1st husband left me in the "worst"... I will never, never leave my Darin when things get rough.  And I know he will never leave me. Yeah, we recited our marriage vows last weekend at our marriage conference and I still couldn't say the words without a ton of emotion!!  Anyway..

How often does it happen that the bridesmaids you select to be in your wedding are STILL your best friends?  I love these girls. =)  Lucky to call one of them my sister and 2 of them my awesome sister in law's. =)  The other 3 are just my silly, crazy awesome besties.

And yes I thought our day was perfect.. even when my sister forgot to grab Darin's ring for the actual ceremony and we had to do our own little ring exchange in the church hallway. =)

Don't worry. that ring wasn't meant to be.. Darin lost it in the ocean on day #3 of our honeymoon. =)

And our honeymoon.. man, what an unforgettable trip!  First of all those best friends of mine decorated the ol' Honda before we left... 
Tried to go thru the car wash before we went to the airport and it wouldn't come off. =/  The poor Accord sat in the Chicago airport parking lot all week sporting the Nookie Rookie label. =/  That is some heavy duty classiness right there. 

Ah... our honeymoon in Acapulco, Mexico.  CRAZY awesome!  I worked for an International Department at the time and a distributor let us stay in his 4 bedroom, 4 bath condo in Acapulco for free. Not to mention paid for our meals and hired a private driver for us for the entire week. One that spoke English, amen. Yeah, it was crazy amazing. 

And who could forget coming home to a freshly shaven Bailey cat. Um, yeah.. those best friends struck again. =)  The good ol'. let's-shave-the-cat-on-their-honeymoon-so-he's-super-ugly prank.  

After 9 weeks of dating,
a 5 month engagement,
3 different career moves between the 2 of us, 
4 houses gutted and remodeled,
the death of Darin's dad,
1 church change,
a fun 5th anniversary cruise,
2 AMAZING little girls being born and changing our lives for the good, 
the surprise of baby H #3 in the oven
and 2,190 days of being married...

I could not love this man more!  

Darin Jay Holsopple.. you are the perfect man for me.  I can't imagine going a day without your humor, accountability, leadership, passion and love.  You've made the last 6 years the best of my life.. I can't wait to see where our love will be in 50 more years. You really do complete me.

Your Lilly of the Valley, 

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Jewel said...

Happy 6th Anniversary, Darcy! And a happy many many more years!