Monday, May 23, 2011


 Busy couple of weeks since I last posted!  We finished up preschool, MOTTT'S and are in Darin's last week of school. Amen. 

Darin and I also spent the weekend at A Weekend to Remember marriage conference this past weekend.  It was AMAZING!  If you ever have a chance to go, GO!  Run!  My dad had gifted us the weekend along with a 2 night hotel stay for Christmas.  It was awesome to get away and just concentrate on us. We have a great marriage but are always willing to make it even better. =)  So yeah, can't say enough good about the organization and the marriage conference. 

Just a few pics of Adie's last day of the 3-4year old Preschool year. 

Me and my first born.. don't smile, baby girl!  First time I've ever thought we had the same eyes!!!

I thought this one was hilarious. =) Especially my nephew, Brayden in the green. 

And I had to do the comparison.. this is Adie's first day of preschool back in September...

Look how many inches she grew!  Her head is way higher in this picture!!!  

And I can't leave out my Joya!! Here she is bed head and all cheesing like normal. =)

And Darin shot a few pictures of me this weekend for my photography blog.  I had a client think I was the mom that is on my blog header of my photography blog.  
Um, no.. that is my beautiful friend Melissa.  =)  The one we went on the cruise with last July.  So.. in order to stop people confusing me with my beautiful friend Melissa... Darin shot a few of me in Indy.  Sorry the belly isn't in the shot.. I am 15 weeks in this picture but still just look like I ate a really good meal.  
And drank a crap ton of water. 
And am having a very bloated day. 
Yeah.. not the cute little prego belly that you are imagining that I usually never get. =)  I usually get deep and wide.  

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Jewel said...

Darcy---that pic of you is absolutely beautiful! That was my instant thought & still is. I do not see "really good meal. And drank a crap ton of water. And am having a very bloated day."!!!