Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I miss Mayberry!

What is THE highlight of every Memorial Day?  
Our anniversary? 
Well, yeah but the Maberry Parade comes in a close 2nd!  

This year the girls were all pumped for the "circus" in the town that I grew up in.  (It's really a parade but it was so cute to hear them call it a circus.)  I decked them out in their patriotic attire and we sat on the curb and waited for the big parade to start. 

They always start with the war Vetrans holding flags and a prayer.  They always shoot their guns into the air 3 times.  Not sure the meaning behind it but it always makes me teary.  I get sentimental and have no clue what the sentimental meaning is behind it!   If someone knows then you can clue me in.  Until then I'll keep tearing up because I'm sure it's super meaningful . 

And it's not every day you sit by an amish boy and his ma at the big parade. 
As they salute the flag.  
And comment on how cute my girls' shirts are. 
Not joking.

And I went back and reminisced when we took Adie and Joya to the parade 2 years ago.  She didn't like the guns then and 2 years later she's still not fond of them!

Had to show you my adorable niece and my hottie sis in law, Natalie enjoying the parade festivities!

My girlies. =)

And it's not every day you fight that same amish little boy for the candy the float people throw at you.  That little amish dude wanted his candy!  I wanted to tell my girls to be a bit more aggressive and beat the amish boy to the goods. But I refrained. I guess I don't have to worry about them reading my blog, right? 

Here's the line-up of my side of the family's cousins.  Minus my sis's 3 boys.

Joya's become quite the daddy's girl with summer break. So cute to see!

Til next year!


Anonymous said...

You have the cutest family!! I LOVE your blog, I have been a "secret" follower for years!! You are an inspiration! I love your wit, humor, love of God, love of your husband, family, etc (ha ha, not in that order).

Kat said...

so so cute!
love joya's curls, too- she's starting to look like such a big girl!
and happy anniversary ;)

Anonymous said...

My Grandpa (Leon Newman) is the second one from the left. I got teary, too, when I saw him up there. I feel so proud of him and the fact that he served.

Oh, and I found this bit of info on the 21 gun salute:

"Originally warships fired seven-gun salutes -- the number seven probably selected because of its astrological and Biblical significance. Land-based cannons had a higher capacity for gun powder and were able to fire three guns for every shot fired afloat, hence the salute by shore batteries was 21 guns. Eventually, as gun powder improved, ships fired 21 guns, too."

Elaine said...

haha...love the story about the little Amish boy. =) I had a moment like that last week when we took the kids to the children's museum. There were bigger kids getting all of Tico's nuts that were "falling" from the tree and I wanted so bad to tell Amaya to just push her way in and get her own but I refrained and later witnessed one of the best things as she shared and "helped" the older kids "get more nuts." Looks like a fun parade!! =) Miss those kind of small town things here in Bloomington.