Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Summer fun!!!

Yep!  Blog is getting the shaft because summer is in full mode. I love summer. =)  If I'm not at a session or editing then we're outside doing projects or playing!  Planned a fun little surprise 30th b-day party for a good friend last week as well.. she thought her hubby was taking her out for her birthday but she walked around the corner and saw 7 of us waiting for her..

Yep, they are the ones we went on the cruise with last summer.  =) 

The best part of the night was when I took her home and a spider crawled out of the bouquet I gave her and she screamed bloody murder.  I don't think she's going to be cured of her hatred of spiders in her 30's. =/  At a red stop light I jumped out of the car and tried to kill the thing but it kept going inside a petal. Good times, good times. =)

This past weekend we took 2 of our track girls to the State track meet at Indiana University.  

Where Joya figured out how to put her hands in her pockets...

And Adie felt how hot 102 degrees is. =/ 
We had a great time and our 2 track girls did great.  Sophie did a great job in polevault and Becca placed 7th in the 300m hurdles!  You make us proud, ladies!

Today we invested in a $7.99 Princess slip-n-slide because again it's like 102 degrees.  

She's getting a tad bit better having water in her eyes.. she still ran and wiped them off on a towel every chance she got. =/

And Joya had a ball too. 

When did my little girls get so big!?!?!?!?!  Does every mom say that when they look at pictures of their kids?

You can see that the farmers tan is in full effect already this summer. =)
We nixed the diaper outside and she can't keep her bikini panties up without the diap...

She doesn't know that July has been designated potty training month for her. =( I refuse to pay for diapers for 2 kids so the training starts before the bean is born!

And daddy can still do a back tuck. =) Teasing me cuz I can't make sure I can still do one til next summer...

Finally getting to that point where I look pregnant and not just like I ate a really good meal or are getting chubs. =)  17 weeks here..

So yeah, that's what we're doing with our summer so far!  Darin starts summer speaking next week so he's in full force preparing 5  messages next week.

Have I mentioned I love summer?  =) 
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Kat said...

first off- love that belly shot! and super cute bathing suit!
second- cannot BELIEVE its 102 out there already!!!! i want some summer weather, too!
third- yes, i think all mommies say "i cant' believe how big my babies are getting!" everytime they look at pictures.
and lastly- Izzy has also discovered pockets and is obsessed. so cute!
steve's last day of school is tomorrow, then its summer break for us, too! (well, sort of- he's starting a summer internship in a week and a half, and i'm still working, but still- its summer!)

Jewel said...

Ooh, I really loved this post. What fun stuff!

Brandy said...

Cute belly! Your girls are adorable, as always!

gabbyfek said...

you and your little sweethearts are so stinking cute. xoxo.