Sunday, June 12, 2011

They are growing up...

Ah... our little girls are growing up. 

For about a month Adie's been asking when she can get rid of her training wheels.  

They are totally cramping her style, yo. 

So yesterday Darin mowed a "landing strip" of short grass in the way back yard of our house.  We live on a relatively busy road so this is what Darin came up with to train her.  

After they practiced a bit I went out with my camera to see how far they'd come.  Of course I captured the worse tumble....

They were both fine.. no tears from either of them. =)
Adie got right up and tried again!

And here she is in motion...

They then took it to the road where she learned how to start, stop and turn corners. Happy for her.. sad for how quickly she's growing up!  

She went to church this morning and told everyone she only needs 2 wheels on her bike now.  Before this as we were turning into the church parking lot she said, 

"We're at church! This is where I can't show anyone my panties." 

Which really is a good rule of thumb for anyone but every week before we get there we talk about being a lady and keeping one's dress down while playing with one's belly button. She's learning more than just about Jesus at church. Solid life lessons.

Back to the bike riding... she's a happy camper with her accomplishments!

Then she came in from her bike ridin' and wanted to take a shower. Earlier that morning she was barking orders at daddy and Joya to get the house clean for when mommy comes home from her photo sessions. =/ Growing up way too fast, I tell ya.

And all that riding makes a 4 year old that's trying to grow out of her naps awfully tired...

It also makes a grumpy girl while mama wants to capture round 2 of your 4 year shots. This is seriously the best we got...
I just need to put her on a bike with only 2 wheels in the pretty yellow wildflower patch and she's be all smiles. =/

And we can't leave out Joya!  She was taking a quality nap while her sister learned to ride a bike so she was all smiles when it was her turn for pictures. 

Smiley and ORNERY!!!

One of Darin't track girls said she flipped thru pictures of Joya on Facebook and the blog and loved how all the pictures totally showed Miss Joya's personality. She's got it right!  If you've never met her.. her pictures show her little spirit!

Did get this one pretty picture of Adie's profile.. and her complete annoyance that she woke up from a nap to take pictures...

And love this one of Joya and daddy. =)


Jewel said...

Wow, way 2 go, Adie! We've been talking about doing that for Braylon. You make it look so easy! Even when you fall, you just hopped right back onto your bike & tried again. Wow!

Laura Read said...

I love seeing how big your girls are getting and what they are up to. I can't believe Adie is big enough to two-wheel it! Where does time go? And seriously, I laughed so hard at her church comment....never a dull moment with kids. I love how their little minds think! Adorable pics of both girls - Joya definitely does look ornery!!

Brad said...

still laughing about the panty comment! i love the way you write. sooo funny!

Anonymous said...

Love the bike-training pictures!! You even captured the crash. Pretty amazing.
I REALLY like Joya in my chair!! Colors, flowers, and her sparkle are gorgeous!