Thursday, March 01, 2012

The next Christian Fiction Super-star

Hey, all!  
Wanted to ask you all a favor in helping my sister in law, Natalie out. She's written her first Christian Fiction book and an agent has contacted her!  She is an AMAZING writer so PLEASE help her with her dream of being a published writer by heading over to her writing blog. Become a follower of her blog and see the cool things that are happening in her life.  

I'm so lucky that my brother married such an amazing woman that's become one of my best friends. =) I just love her and I know you'll LOVE her book! I only have 20 more pages left to read and let me tell ya, the book is amazing. She has such a talent. 

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Jewel said...

Yeah, how exciting! Can't wait til it gets published! I wanna read it!