Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{baby} weight loss wednesday - update edition

Ahhhh.. it's SUMMER weather here in Indiana!  Forgive my lack of posting last week! It turned mid March and has hit 80 degrees like 10 days in a row!  We've been playing outside, jumping on the trampoline and talking walks like it's our job. =)  LOVE this weather!

Ok.. so back to {baby} weight loss wednesday post like I said I was going to do! Just going to do an "update" of where I'm at and how it's going. =)

I feel like I've let a few more things into my diet which has led me to be at a stand still in my weight loss. This is good and bad.  I can't cut out white sugar and white flour for the rest of my life. 
You just can't. 
And sweets and some bread aren't BAD for you.. I knew I just needed to distance myself from those things for a time!

So I've let it in in moderation because I KNOW I needed something to jump start my weight loss and cutting sugar and flour did just that!  Now it's about BALANCE which is always a fun word and goal to achieve. I feel like I was obedient to what He wanted of me for a season in my life. I'm not going to go overboard and have a huge bowl of spaghetti with bread-sticks and some cheesecake for dessert for dinner tonight.. I would have been DIETING and not changing my lifestyle and would want to break my rules that I had made for myself if it was a diet. 

Darin has made comments that I've done this whole weight loss thing so differently this time.  Ah.. music to my ears!  I have 3 little girls that are watching me and I know I could easily revert back to some eating disorder habits. 

I WILL NOT because I have daughters that follow me around and I want to be an example. =) 

So not a groundbreaking post, I know.. just a little update to where I'm at in this process. I still want about 10 more lbs off and then it will be sustaining time. Thanks for checking in!  

I'll leave ya with what I've been spending my time doing instead of blogging!

Drooling and looking cute in an exersaucer...
Looking WAY too grown up!
 And collecting rocks to put in the Princess scooter with your sunglasses up-side-down, but of course. =)

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