Monday, March 26, 2012

The littlest stink bomb

I haven't talked much about the littlest of the littles in awhile.. Miss Emery Ellison!  She is a spunk fire of a little baby. Here's some little facts about her: 

She likes to be held. A LOT. She usually lasts about 5 minutes in the exersaucer, bumpo, johny-jumper, swing or on the ground. Combined. No joke. 

She is a daddy's girl. She LOVES Darin! Some days I think she just gets sick of me and longs for daddy to come home. =)

The girl loves to eat. She whimpers and whines when she lays on her boppy waiting for me to prepare to nurse.  Whimpers EVERY time!

She doesn't take a bottle. The Lord gave me another baby that refuses a bottle!  Three out of three. Guess my babies just love my ta-ta's!  I have NO milk in the freezer. Not-a-one bag. Used the last one last weekend when grandma had her while I had a photog workshop. Grandma tried for 1.5 hours to get her to eat! She refused!!

Her smile consumes her entire face. I LOVE that about her!

She thinks Adie is the funniest person alive. Only Adie can get belly laughs out of her!

She sleeps thru the night (9 hours) about 3 nights in a row then that 4th night she wakes up to eat.. making up for the sleeping the other 3 nights!

She LOVES her bath!  We stick her in it on the kitchen counter at about 8:30pm every night and she splashed and laughs thru her fussy time of day.  Genius, we know. =)

Her nick-name is Emmie with the girls and Darin and I call her Em quite a bit. I am trying to stay away from Emmie because I think Emmie and Adie are too close. We all still call her Emery most of the time, tho. I'd love for her full name to stick!

She just started rice cereal. I was going to wait until 6 months like the doctor recommended but I went ahead and started a week ago. She had a few days in a row where she was crazy hungry and I felt like I couldn't keep up with the nursings.. so we fed her cereal. Here is how the whole process went down...

She knows something is up... either that or she is going to scream because I put her in the Bumpo again. She hates that thing!
 What is this crazy, goopy stuff? 
 Not sure what to do with this crap in my mouth... 
I liked this picture because it's a few seconds later than the picture above.. you'll notice my hand isn't in the picture. I loved that she didn't move at all!  The SAME exact look above!
And then of course she started to play with it in her fingers.  Much better feeling on her fingers than in her mouth.

Her sisters were right by her side cheering her on!  And Joya was helping by making the same exact face that Emery was making. Love it. =)

So that's a little bit about our little stinkpot at almost 5 months. This last-baby thing is going WAY too fast!  We just love her. =)


Kat said...

the pictures of her eating crack me up! I love how she's frozen after you put it in her mouth- hilarious! And Joya's expression, too. So funny!
She's absolutely adorable!

Jewel said...

Thanx for the update on Emery! Gosh, she is so adorable, just like your other 2! Love how she has her own cheering squad. Too cute your girls are.