Sunday, June 24, 2012

a little get-away

Oh my word.. it's been like 3 weeks since I've posted! I think I do this every summer.. Darin is off on summer break and we get busy doing things.. and summer is when I go into high gear with my photography business. So this blog was ready for a current post! 

This past weekend we went to the Lake Michigan shores and spent some time in a cabin with Darin's mom and brother's family. We had a BALL and did a little picture taking as well. 

Did a little session with Eric, Darin's brother, and his family. =)

Took some pictures of the grand-kids with grandma Kathy. =)
And then Eric grabbed my camera and took some pictures of our family. And despite grandma, an aunt and uncle all trying to make Emery look at them, she would not. The boats in the water were much more interesting that looking at a fat camera. 
 Grandma watched the kiddos while we went back down tot he beach to grab some couples pictures. Love the golden glow the sunset put on us. =)

And I also grabbed some pictures of my girlies too. =)

My big 5 year old...

 A picture here lately isn't complete with Joya if her tongue isn't out. =) Silly girl.
And Em wouldn't let me put her down for me to take a picture of her. She loves her mommy.  So Eric grabbed one where Darin and I were both in it with her. =)

And I grabbed a few of her back at the cabin too. 

You do not have a pulse if her cheesy grin doesn't make you smile at your computer!

All in all.. a great weekend! We're hoping a beach weekend becomes a Holsopple family tradition! And I will try to make BLOGGING more of a twice a week tradition too. !!!!


Kat said...

already told you on facebook, but love that family picture, and all the other family pics, too! and oh my goodness, that little emery is adorable!! i love her gummy smile! makes me excited to have another aby around here ;)

Kathy said...

Can't believe you're already done a post - the laundry isn't even dry at my house and here you are with pictures and an accounting of a weekend we'll all treasure. THANKS for the pictures! Best part of them is the memories behind them - and all that went on to get those pictures :>) Kathy/Mom/Grandma

jen holmes said...

Those pictures are so gorgeous! And Eric and Liz's kids are so big! Last time I saw Eric, Liz was pregnant with their boy. Oh how time flies!

Jewel said...

What wonderful pictures! And sounds like such a wonderful time!

Jill said...

Loved all the pictures Darce!