Friday, September 14, 2012

are you ready for some football????

Football is a HUGE part of our lives here in the Holsopple family! If we aren't at a game we are either watching a game on TV, Darin is at practice or Darin is thinking about football.  Darin's the varsity receiver coach and the offensive coach for JV. 

Not that his job is to offend people, he's in charge of offense.

That is a fun play on words that I've never noticed.. ha!

We have been to all the varsity home games but he finally had a JV game on Monday night so the girlies and I headed over to FHS. Here is Darin on the sidelines looking awfully important.

And hot. =)

My girlies LOVE to wear their cheer-leading uniforms grandma Holsopple made them!

And Em doesn't have a cheer uniform but she thoroughly enjoyed climbing on the bleachers. =)

And hitting her head on the said bleachers about 429 times. =/

Thought this was a fun pic of Adie at the top of the bleachers. If she ends up cheering, we'll have to take another picture of her in HS in the same pose! 

Someone remind me of this because I'm sure I'll forget. =)

I love that my rough and tough football hubby is such a softy when it comes to his ladies. 

I LOVE watching them run onto the field at the end of his games. Love it.

Not ONCE has he been bummed that we have 3 girls and no sons. Heck, he has 80 boys every football season to tie him over! 

(And for all you camera buffs.. the pic is bit noisy.. aka grainy) because it's shot at 6,400 ISO because it was almost dark at this point of the night.. it was about 8pm! I LOVE my camera!)

GO falcons!

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a tonagel said...

Go Falcons! Adorable shots!
ps. Adie was cute in school this morning. :)