Monday, May 08, 2006

Weekend festivities

Most of this post is gunna be Jett pictures. Just a warning. =) So, if you aren't fond of red-heads, I'm sorry because this is the cutest little red-headed nephew in the entire world post. Period.

Guess what this weekend was? Yep!!! Jarrett's first b-day!!!

Yep, he's the cutest. =) He's a clapping fool. He claps about EVERYTHING!

His new trick cracks me up every time. When someone shouts, "Praise Jesus!" His little hand flies up. Seriously, what could be cuter!!???

Okay, he WAS born with and still has his right hand. For some reason, my camera chopped it off and this is my only picture of his praise Jesus trick. =/

And then.. he didn't like his cake. Nope. He did his humming cry and really wasn't interested in the chocolate cake with an entire can of fudge icing on it. =) (Can you guess who was in charge of the icing???) hehehehe...

You guys, I love this little guy so much. Can't believe how much joy he brings to our family. =) Can't wait for my sister to have one and there's so much love waiting for the future little Darin Jr. or Darinette.

Here's a picture of my family. There was a row of 4 cameras and mine was the last one in line. Jett was getting a little bored.

From the left it's Darin, me, dad, my step-mom Susie, my sister Denise, my bil Andrew, Natalie my sil, my bro Greg and of course up-side-down birthday boy, Jett. =)

I'll leave you with 2 new LO's I did the weekend.

Super fun quick one of my old roomdog and I at her bachelorette shower. =)

And yeah, blogger doesn't like the other one. I'll post it next time. =)


Anonymous said...

soooo cute!!! looks like an awesome day, and what a great lookin' family you have!!

RACHEL =) said...

LOVE all the pics - my gosh, what is it going to be like when you have a kid?! haha, love seeing your cutiehead nephew!! He is seriously adorable!!
Your family is SO beautiful, wow!
AWESOME AWESOME layout, wow, i just love it!!!!! =)

rev said...

O Darcy I just love the little redhead nephew. Who doesn't like redheads, they're the cutest, well except for my little blond Sanne, haha! Love the LO!! Cool title. And blogger is bugging me also lately...

amber said...

Awesome pics! Love, love, love first b-day parties! It is funny to all of you in long sleeves and pants, cuz it's like 88 degrees here!

Mara said...

Awesome pics :)
Love the LO!!

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful family you have!
and that lo?
oh WOW!!!!!!!!!
love how you did the title.

Niki L said...

Those are great pictures!! I love the brown and blue you're sporting in the family photo!!!

Michelle W. said...

that is too cute!!!

hmmm.. cake!!!

Jill said...

i love all of this! the pictures of the cutie nephew, the cake picture! i love how you used black on this layout, & the family pictures are hilarious w/Jett hanging upside down! looks like fun :)

Kat said...

sooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!! i love his new trick- that is the cutest! and that cake looks good, i would have eaten it ; )
great family picture, and i love that layout! i'll head over to 2peas to leave a little praise

island girl said...

your nephew is too cute! love the cake pic, looks like a chocolate beard!