Friday, February 26, 2010

Questions Answered Part 3

I got 3 questions about my answers to my questions in my first "Questions Answered Part 1" post. Man, I really gotta stop with my horrible sentences! They were all about "crying it out". I will devote a post to the crying it out method. Sound good?

And remember... crying it out is not the only method of getting kids to sleep but man has it been a great method for my family. Since you've asked me my opinion, I'll share. It's not something I try to push down a mom's face but if someone asks me about it, I get pretty passionate about it!

Here's my one and only question about scrapbooking. =)

Shannon said...
What inspired you to start scrappin'?

This is funny. I started way back senior year in high school, 1998. I told my friends if they gave me more than one senior picture of them then they’d have their own page in my senior scrapbook. My scrapbook with backing of construction paper, of course. Ewe. The whole "acid-free" phenonmenon was just starting and I didn't know about it's existance yet. So my inspiration was wanting to see how many senior pictures I could get. Yes, this shows you my competitive side! NOW my inspiration is story-telling and documenting in this little thing we call life. I would love to know what my mom was thinking when she potty trained me. Or even knowing when my first tooth came in or when I started to walk and crawl would have been nice! (Love ya, mom! You just weren’t big on filling in my baby book!) I really want my girls to have their childhood documented because if they have my memory, they won’t remember a darn thing. And I really enjoy the process of creating. That’s why I don’t scrapbook in order... if I see a picture on my desk and want to tell the story or have a really cute paper to go with the picture then I scrap it. I fly by the seat of my pants. I don’t get caught up in making sure every event is scrapped, either. I don’t want to stress out (or get burnt out) if I feel like I HAVE to scrap something and don’t feel like it. If a picture doesn't make it in the girls' scrapbooks then I put it in a photo box organized by month. Also.. my girls will inherit ALL their scrapbooks when they have a family of their own. I have family books that will stay with Darin and I.

Hopefully later today I'll get those questions answered about crying it out. =) Let me know if you have any other questions about the answers to my questions... okay, I'll stop with the horribleness of sentanceness!!!

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